The Life I never Imagined

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So from what I gathered, Miso is older by a few months than Michael and then Michael is a year older than Mia… well more like some months older but you know how guys are with age and all. Mia and I were the same age.

Me: who’s this with your mom?

Her: that’s aunt Yaya, Miso’s mom and on the other picture that’s her and Miso’s dad uncle Derrick

Me: mmh nice

Her: can I tell you something? but you need to

promise not to utter a word to any of the girls

about this ok

Me: uhhm ok

Her: promise first.

Me: fine I promise

Her: Miso was the one who asked me to go to the party tomorrow. He and my brother live next

door by the way. The guy cant stop talking about you. He was the one who even convinced me to befriend you. I know its evil of me but I needed to know this girl that’s got my brother’s heart in her hands. I’m sorry

I kept quiet. So if Miso wasn’t interested in me then I would still be a loner? Great! Way to go. Why did I even think that someone like me would be friends with a princess to begin with? Her: Yola please say something Me: I should go.

I went to take my bag and headed for the door but she stood in front of me before I could open the door.

Her: I know you mad and you have every reason to be but me approaching you was genuine Yola.

Me: please move Mia

Her: please say you forgive me first

Me: what kind of friend are you? You know your brother is dating your best friend and then you go on and befriend the girl he seems to probably be distracted by. Who does that Mia? Her: Michelle and Miso aren’t dating.

Me: what?

Her: they just screw but that’s as far as it goes

with the two of them. Michelle’s boyfriend is in

Harvard and she is here

Me: so what? Mia just move

Her: please just here me out and I’ll get out of your way I promise

She looked at me with pleading eyes and I fell for them and she pulled me to sit on the couch. Her: Michelle and Miso did meet last year and they decided on just screwing, they didn’t know they were going to study in the same varsity until they ran into each other this year. Miso saw you around here and he’s been trying to gather balls to approach you but he’s always

chickened out until that day. He asked Michelle to act as his girlfriend just so he could get you jealous or see where you stand with the whole him and Michelle thing. The guy really likes you Yola and he would really love to see you at the party tomorrow

Me: can I leave now?

Her: fine

I got up and went out and got in the lift Voice: hold the lift please

I pressed the button to open the door and Miso walked in and stood next to me Him: Miss Graham

I kept quiet and didn’t respond Him: ok and then?

I slapped him. don’t ask why, I also don’t know why I would slap him. I guess I was pissed at what Mia told me and I just needed to hit something or in his case, someone. Him: What the fuck?!

He said holding his cheek.

Me: Mia told me

Him: yeah so?

Me: you such a jerk!

He stopped the lift and then caged me by putting his hands on either side of my body trapping me. He was starring at me in the eyes. I was breathing in the air he was letting out, his breath smelt of fresh mint and his cologne was doing wonders to my body.

Him: from the first time I met you I have never been able to stop thinking about you Yolanda. I’ve seen you with that guy that’s normally here to see you with the black car and I don’t care what relation you have with him but I will stop at nothing until you my girl and mine alone!

I chuckled sarcastically and bit my lower lip

Me: move.

Him: no!

Me: Misokushle move out of my way

Him: I love the way you say my name by the way. its cute

He smiled to the side sending impulses down to my spine. What was going on with me?

Him: God the things I would do to you if you were mine

Me: than thank God I’ll never be… yours

Him: I don’t mind chasing you the whole year until you all mine.

He stepped away from me and clicked on the

lift and it started working again. I kept quiet all

the way and so did he. It stopped on my floor

and I got off instantly and headed to my door. I

opened the door and locked it then went to put

my things in their place and threw myself on the

bed. What the hell was that? I was woken up by

my phone, on the screen popped up Toby’s



Him: Hey Red

Me: hi Tobias

Him: I’m outside, could you come out? Normally I wouldn’t mind him just rocking up like he did now but now I suddenly minded. I felt like he was abusing his power. We get it he does everything for me but to just rock up unannounced is wrong.

Me: fine I’m on my way

***End PC***

I didn’t even wait for him to say anything further.

I wore my slippers and a jacket because it was

a little windy and then headed out. I spotted his

car and walked over to it and got in the

passengers side.

Him: you look good

Me: thanks. You too

Him: uhhm Red I’m going to South Africa and I’ll

be back after a month

Me: oh

Him: Ashlene will be fetching you when schools close and Munchkin will stay with you guys until I’m back

Me: when you back schools would have opened

Him: I know so I’ll come visit you here

Me: ok

Him: you ok?

Me: yeah I’m fine

Him: you sure?

Me: yep. Actually no. Tobias why did you kiss me?

Him: It was a mistake

Me: fuck that!

Him: I don’t know what else you want to hear

Me: the truth. You kiss me and then go MIA on me

Him: what do you want me to say Yolanda? That I’m madly in love with you? Is that what you want to hear? That if I pursued a relationship

with you it would ruin everything we have going on now and that I’d be arrested for statutory rape

I kept quiet trying to swallow what Tobias had just told me. This is the thing with Tobias telling me how he feels about me, it came unexpected, yes Ri told me but at still I had accepted in my mind that he and I would never be and then all of a sudden he comes and confuses me making me feel some type of way. I was screwed. And then theres Miso, he’s everything yum but he’s an asshole and he thinks he can toy with me just like that. Theres something about Miso that makes you want to explore while with Tobias he is just an angel and I know him so it wouldn’t be such a bad idea either than the age thing. Me: travel safely Tobias

I opened the door and walked back to the building. If I don’t know, I was confused. This is

what happens when you’ve never dated in

your life and then comes two guys and you just

left there confused and unknowing what to do.

I got to my room and called my little sister. We

talk everyday anyway.


Her: hey sisi

Me: hey sunshine

Her: that name is limited to its owner

Me: yeah whatever Ivy. How are you?

Her: good sis and how are you?

Me: I’m ok

Her: whats that tone I’m hearing? Whats wrong?

Me: nothing. I just miss my little sister that’s all

Her: just one more week and I’m home

Me: Tobias is leaving for a month

Her: yeah he told me yesterday

Me: am I always the last one to know about these things?

Her: we figured you’d be the most difficult one here so yeah

Me: right… of cause you did

Her: he told me about you two kissing

Me: of cause he did

Her: he really likes you Lala

Me: I don’t know Ivy. It would ruin everything

Her: so what? You rather live this way than be with him?

Me: its wrong. He’s 10 years older than me

Her: age aint nothing but a number

Me: don’t say that!

Her: you clearly like him. go for it and stop playing around. Hes a good man sis Me: I know.

Her: I have to go. Study time

Me: I love you

Her: I love you more. Bye

Me: bye

***End PC***

I just slept thinking about what my little sister was suggesting. I dialled his number which I knew by heart

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