The Life I never Imagined

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After the call with Boobie I don’t know how I felt but it was a good feeling. I looked at the box and opened it and there were papers in the box. More like mail. I opened the mail and it was letters from someone with the initials CY. Mason with pictures of me and a child that looked just like me. Behind the picture it was written Yolanda and Yonda Graham. And there were more pictures of a boy that looked just like me. If I was seeing proper, I had a twin. What the hell??? There was a phone number on the letter with these pictures. I dialled it. ***PC***

Person: Hello?

Me: uhhm hello

Person: who is this?

Me: is this CY Mason?

Person: Who is this?

Me: this is Yolanda Graham She kept quiet for some time Me: hello???

Her: sorry I’m still here. Oh my God it’s so good to hear your voice. I’m Candice Yolanda Mason. I’m your mother

I chuckled. Ahhh this person had jokes for days. What did she mean she was my mother? My mother is Ester and she was a nurse so I don’t know who this woman is. Her: Yolanda

Me: yes

Her: how are you baby?

Me: what do you mean you my mother?

Her: baby where are you? Can we meet and talk?

Me: how do I know that you really are my mother and this is not some trick?

Her: the fact that you calling me should give you all these answers to the questions you have

Me: I found your number in a letter addressed to my father

Her: how is Carl anyway?

Me: he’s dead

She kept quiet for a while

Me: anyway I called because I was curious. Bye Candice

Her: Yolanda please

Me: what?

Her: where are you? Can we meet up for lunch?

Me: I’m in Carli

Her: I’ll be flying in tomorrow morning then

Me: flying in?

Her: I live in New York

I hit my forehead. Of cause she did because that’s the return address written on the mail. Me: ok bye

Her: thank you for calling me

Me: who is Yonda?

Her: that’s your twin baby

Me: I don’t have a twin

Her: yes, you do. He’s studying at Harvard

***End of PC***

I ended the call. All this was too much for me to be having the conversation via phone call. I have a twin brother. My real mother lives in New York. What sick twisted joke is this? I read some of the letters and they weren’t much just her checking up on me and asking pictures of me and stuff and her telling dad about Yonda and how much he has grown and stuff. And then there was one letter addressed to me. it read “Dear Yolanda. I know I wasn’t the best father to you guys and I am sorry. Yola I know I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most and I know that I could have done something to at least save you from the suffering but I didn’t and there’s no excuse as to why I didn’t do something either than me being a terrible father. I wasn’t blind, I saw the change of

clothes, the change of personality and everything else and I’m sorry you went through that. You and your sister deserve better. I know you smart and I know that you will find a way out of that house for you and your sister. There’s a guy named Tobias Evans, he does your mother’s accounting and mine too and I have asked him to take care of you and your sister and cater to everything you two might ever need. He’s a great guy and I know that you are in safe hands where he is concerned. I saved up enough to set you and your sister up for until you are done with university and have a stable job. In this box you will find letters from your real mother, Ester is Ivy’s mother and I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Your real mother’s number is written in one of the letters and she will explain to you everything that happened in the past leading to the separation of you and your twin. I love you baby and please tell Ivy I

am truly sorry for everything.” the letter made me so mad. I found myself tearing it into pieces. So me meeting Toby was orchestrated by my parents. They planned it all, he’s not some good Samaritan. Good Samaritans don’t exist in this day and age, how was I so stupid anyway? I should have known something was wrong. I called Miso. He always has a way of calming me down when I’m like this.


Him: hey Buttercup

I just cried realizing just how much I missed him and needed him right now. Miso always came running when I called him crying or had a nightmare and he would just comfort me and make me feel better. With him it didn’t matter what the time was or whether he had to go to class, he just came to my rescue

Him: Buttercup are you crying? Please don’t cry now

Me: I jus… I just miss you so much

Him: I miss you too Buttercup

Me: when are you coming back?

Him: next weekend. There’s the reading of the

will and stuff

Me: oh ok

Him: Buttercup

Me: yes

Him: talk to me. what’s going on?

Me: she’s not my mother He kept quiet for a while

Him: I’m sorry to hear that Buttercup

Me: I’m a twin

He chuckled and so did I Him: is she as hot as you? Me: it’s a he Miso

Him: boring. Here I was thinking we could have a threesome

I laughed and so did he. Miso though Him: and she laughs!

Me: screw you!

Him: at least you laughing so we good

Me: Miso

Him: Yes

Me: just come back already. there’s a lot we

need to talk about

Him: am I in trouble?

Me: of cause not. I just need my bestie that’s all

Him: and you have him all to yourself. So what about your real mother?

Me: I called her and she said we should meet up tomorrow. She lives in New York

Him: so if you two hit it off does that mean you’ll move to NY and leave me here? I chuckled

Me: of cause not. I doubt we’ll hit it off

Him: I think you will. I think you going to love her Me: I feel like my life was planned out for me and I’m just acting a scene in it

Him: is that such a bad thing?

Me: my meeting Toby was planned out by my parents. How do I just get over that?

Him: had you not met Toby then you wouldn’t

have met me. Something good came out of this

play you in

Me: I guess

Him: cheer up. Dress to kill tomorrow and make that woman see what she missed out on I laughed

Him: so what did you and Boobie speak about?

Me: I didn’t speak to Boobie

Him: I know she called you. She’s the only one who would figure out my password. Mom knows it but she wouldn’t call you and talk this long with you

Me: ok fine you got me. but ask her what we spoke about

Him: I’m asking you Buttercup

Me: she was giving me a life lesson based on her experiences

Him: fine I believe you

Me: cause that’s all there is to know

Him: fine.

Me: Nguwe Wedwa

Him: Nguwe Wedwa

I found myself blushing

Him: still don’t know what it means?

Me: nope. I just love how it sounds

Him: of cause you do. It means you the only one

Me: I’m the only one who what?

Him: does it matter?

Me: fine I’ll let you be

Him: good girl. When I get back we going to


Me: where?

Him: stop asking questions. Bye Buttercup

Me: bye Bubbles

***End of PC***

After the call with Miso I felt a little better. At ease than before. I took out the letters and read

them and there wasn’t much either than mom asking about my sister Ivy and the step mother she deserted me to. She seemed to be in love with my father and she was married to some guy name Ethan Mason and he’s been dying to meet me, she was pleading dad to bring me to NY so that my step daddy and twin could meet me but seems like my dad didn’t want any of that so eventually she stopped begging him in the letters. The last letter she sent was from before dad died. Toby sent me a text asking me to meet up with him for breakfast but I flatly ignored his text.

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