The Life I never Imagined

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I was in my room taking my bikini off when Miso walked in. I quickly grabbed a towel

Him: nothing I haven’t seen before Buttercup. When did you get the tattoo?

I had an anchor tattoo on my back below my

neck with my daughter’s birth date and her

name below the anchor and I had another one

of my wrist of our names, her and I. I had about

5 tattoos on my body.

Me: I got it last week

Him: looks good

Me: thanks. Could you please get out I’d like to get dressed?

Him: I’ve seen it all Buttercup and more

Me: Miso

He locked the door and walked up to me making me shiver, he was stripping his clothes as he was making his way to me. Why did he have

this kind of effect on me still? He pulled me by my waist and my towel fell exposing my naked body.

Him: you’ll always be mine

Me: you engaged

Him: so?

He kissed my neck while his hand grabbed my

ass and squeezed it sending impulses down to

the bottom of my spine. Damn I hate this man

but I love him… does that make any sense

Me: this is wrong

Him: which part?

He was massaging my boobs with his other hand while tracing wet kisses from my jaw line to my lips. I let out a moan and he smiled

Him: you see what I mean? You’ll always be mine Buttercup

I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his neck and respond to his kiss. He picked me up and took me to bed and got on top of me not

breaking the kiss and then he traced wet kisses down to my belly button and all the way to my nookie where he flickered his tongue over my clit sending chills down to my spine. God Triston could never do me the way Miso does me and he is not as packed as Miso. He made me orgasm and then he went on to insert himself, God I had forgotten how big this guy was and right now he was something I had last had 2 years ago before Carly came in the picture. We had a steamy session and then I went to shower and as you can guess, he showered with me. I was about to speak but he put his finger on my lips shutting me up

Him: I know what you going to say and don’t. just don’t ok

Me: this is wrong

Him: that’s not what you were saying when I was inches deep inside of you I hit him and he laughed.

Him: Leave him Buttercup and I’ll leave her

Me: no. Change is good Miso

Him: not this kind of change. You and I will always have this kind of connection. You don’t love him the way you love me and you never will

Me: no Miso

Him: We both know that I make you happy, I made you happy and I will always be the one for you

Somehow he was telling the truth but I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to admit it to him or myself because then I’d be letting myself vulnerable to heart break. See with Triston I have let him into my life but he’s not close to my heart, I don’t let anyone get that close. I don’t have room for another man in my heart, I’m scared that I’ll let a man into my life and he’ll end up hurting my baby. I didn’t respond and just let him be. I got out and dried my body and he

walked out and dried himself too and then we made our way out to the room and lotioned our bodies and I wore loose shorts and an oversized crop top which really don’t show much with flip flops and he wore what he was wearing before. I went to pack an overnight bag for Imi and then he took it and we walked down

Him: don’t forget to get buy the morning after pill

Me: trust me I won’t. Don’t want another

reminder of you

He chuckled

Him: I wouldn’t mind an MJ

Me: well I don’t want one.

We headed downstairs and our daughter was in the lounge playing with her nanny. Him: ready to go?

Her: we going to visit Nino?

Him: we’ll also visit her before we go home

Her: is Carly going to be there?

He looked at me first and I shrugged. He knows so why look at me?

Him: yes, she’ll be there

Her: I don’t want to go to her

Me: why?

Her: I don’t like her

Him: give her a chance

Me: I’m sure she’s nice

She shook her head and I shrugged

Him: let’s go get ice cream and go visit Nino and granpa

She smiled excitedly. They left and I helped her nanny pack up her toys. When we were done I drove to the pharmacy for the pill. I wonder why I trusted Miso so damn much to have sex with him knowing that he had a girlfriend and they were probably having unprotected sex. When I was done drinking the pill I called Triston ***PC***

Him: hey beautiful

I giggled nervously. Maybe it’s because of the guilt of sleeping with Miso.

Me: hey handsome what are you doing?

Him: I just got off of work, what’s up?

Me: you still coming over today?

Him: something c…

Me: its fine

Him: come on babe don’t be like that

Me: no its cool, I see you some other time

Him: Babe

Me: Bye Tris

Him: Yo…

***End Of PC***

I ended the call and passed by the shop to buy wine and a few things for the house. I got home and prepared sandwiches and just as I was busy I got a call from Kendra. Yes she had a phone… courtesy of my mom and step dad, they got her a Samsung S-something, all I know is that its big. She was video calling me.


Me: hey baby girl

Her: hey mommy. Look I’m with Yaya

Yaya: hey Buttercup

Me: hey Yaya. how are you Mah?

Her: good honey and how are you?

Me: also good Mah. What are two doing?

Imi: we eating meat. Grandpa came back with


Me: from?

Yaya: some house party he was invited to. I

didn’t want to attend it

Imi: it’s very nice mummy

Me: then you should bring me some too

Yaya: hahaha we’ll save you some if you promise to come visit. You don’t visit us anymore Me: I’m giving you time with your new daughter in law

She laughed

Her: I love your sarcasm. Your daughter doesn’t like her

Me: I don’t know why

Her: she doesn’t give anyone reason to like her. Aya is the only person in this house she gets along with

Me: ouch. Mah I have to go, there’s someone at the door

Her: ok baby bye

Me: tell that one I said I’ll call her later

Her: will do

***End of PC***

I went to get the door and mom was standing

there looking all kinds of classy with a paper bag

in her hand which I’m certain had something for


Me: mom

I hugged her and she returned the hug Her: hello baby how are you?

We broke the hug and then she walked in while I closed the bugler

Me: I’m good mom and how are you?

Her: also good. Where’s my grandbaby?

Me: you should call her and find out

Her: very funny Landa. Where is she?

Me: she’s at her other grandparents

Her: oh… I got this for her

Me: and what’s that?

Her: just a few things from my travels

Me: and what about me?

Her: what about you?

Me: she has a closet of her own in 4 different houses mom. she has enough clothes

Her: so? A girl can never have too many clothes Me: fine whatever. Spoil her all you want but I won’t be held responsible for her spoilt brat tendencies

Her: nah my grandbaby will never be spoilt

Me: whatever you say mom. So either than Kendra, what brings you to town?

Her: I just landed and I wanted to take you guys out but since she’s not here let’s make it a spa day

Me: great. Let’s go

She looked at me from head to toe and then

shook her head

Me: what?

Her: I’m not going anywhere with you looking

like that

Me: what?

Her: I love you baby but I have a rep to uphold Me: ouch! and I here I was thinking I was loved more than some reputation

Her: I do love you more but baby come on be realistic now

Me: fine I’ll go change

I went upstairs and took out boyfriend jeans and wore them and tied up my hair more neatly and

then went downstairs. I wasn’t changing my top and flip flops

Her: really Yolanda?

Me: we either leave with me looking like this or we don’t go at all

Her: you are my most disrespectful child ever

Me: and you love me the most

She just chuckled and we walked outside to her

car, I didn’t lock because Imi’s nanny was

somewhere around the house. She was a live in

nanny after all. Mom was driving a red Ferrari.

My jaw dropped. I know she hired it but GOD

DAMN??? Really?

Her: you coming?

I opened the door and got in and then looked at her as she started the engine

Me: since when do you rent a Ferrari?

Her: since I want to

Me: everything ok with step daddy?

Her: yep

Me: liar!

Her: I think he’s cheating on me

Me: he would never

Her: yeah that’s what I thought too

Me: I’m sure it’s nothing like that mom. that man adores you

Her: and the late secretive phone calls? How do you explain that Landa?

Me: Lala I think you overreacting. It’s probably work stuff

Her: I truly hope so for his sake

Me: yoh I wonder.

We parked in front of the mall and made our way to the spa. When we were done I was relaxed and feeling lighter and happier and glowy. My mother knew just what I needed. We walked to some boutique and she made me try on a few outfits and those that I liked she paid for and some she got for free in other stores because she is those certain stores buyer. By the

time we drove home I was no longer dressed the way I was before. I was wearing a heel and a shirt tucked in. she drove off to Yaya’s house. Me: I thought we were going to my place Her: after I see my grandchild

Me: can I at least call her and find out where she is?

Her: sure go ahead


Me: hey Miso

Person: this is Carly. Imi is here, what do you want?

Me: never mind.

***End of PC**

I dropped the call. This girl was annoying to the core. I told mom where the little one was hoping she wouldn’t go there but mom is mom and she drove straight to Miso’s place. She’s been there a few times before.

Her: I want her to see just how good you look

Me: mom come on

Her: I’m not going to miss seeing my granddaughter because of her now Me: fine

I raised up my hands in surrender and we parked in front of Miso’s beautiful house. The security there was super tight, you could tell the owner did IT and Land Surveying (architect vibes). We both got off and headed to the door.

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