The Life I never Imagined

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I managed to keep it together and pretend for the rest of the evening until it was time to leave. We got home and Yonda headed straight to his place because apparently there was a braai at a friend’s place and I was not in the mood for a crowd. In fact, I asked Miso to come and fetch Kendra. Kendra was in the room on the phone with one of her grandmother’s. Miso walked in… well his cologne gave him away

Him: you really should learn to close the door

Me: and miss you sneaking up on me?

I said sarcastically. It was kind of hot and I forgot to close the bugler when we got in.

Him: are you flirting with me Miss Graham? I didn’t respond.

Me: can I get you something to eat or drink?

Him: no thanks I’m good. Everything ok?

Me: yeah why wouldn’t it be?

Him: uhhm… owkay. I’ve literally just got here. What’s going on? What have I done now?

Me: so Toby’s wedding was interesting

Him: I wouldn’t expect anything less from a wedding

Me: so Ivy had invited her fiancé and he came a while later. And guess what, her fiancé just happens to be the guy you told me to stay away from because he’s engaged. How long have you known that he was seeing my sister and engaged to be married to her?

Him: I found out that day when Kendra was admitted

Me: and you couldn’t give me a heads up that he’s engaged to my sister

I said shoving his shoulder Him: it was not my place to tell

Me: isn’t it a little too late for that considering you told me that he was engaged. Don’t you think that too was never your news to tell?

Him: I’m sorry buttercup

Me: I’ve had it up to here with apologies.

Him: to be fair I warned you against him Buttercup from the get go

Me: I’ll go call Kendra

He held my arm before I could walk away. Him: you see this right here; this is your problem Yolanda. You can’t the handle the truth. You always running away from it and I pray to God that our daughter doesn’t turn out like you Me: excuse me

He let go of my hand

Him: you know I’m right. Every time something gets serious or you suddenly feel the heat you feel the need to run away. Why do you do that Yolanda? Why is that? When I confessed how I felt about you, you avoided me for days, when I popped the question you started distancing yourself from me. What the hell is wrong with you?

I won’t lie that struck a nerve. That stung real hard and for the first time I saw a side of Miso I was never ready for. He wasn’t pissed or something

Him: you never listen to anyone but yourself and when things suddenly don’t turn out as you’d hope you find someone else to blame because in your mind you are never wrong. You refuse to wrong as if you’ll be crucified for being wrong. I try to understand you but every time I think I’m close you always find a way to push me away. I’ve tried everything but you seemingly want to be alone and its fine, I’ll leave you alone because I can’t do this anymore with you. I can’t keep going back and forth with a person who refuses to grow the fuck up.

He left me standing there and went upstairs. I have never seen Miso like this and I don’t think I ever want to see this side of him ever again. He really scared the shiit out of me. I leaned in on

the kitchen counter and covered my face with

my hands, I was trying to stop the tears but they

wouldn’t stop coming out. he really went hard

on me for once and I won’t lie he had a point

about me… maybe even more than I thought

because after all no one else knows me as well

as he does. I heard them come down the stairs

talking and I got up to wash my face in the sink

and turned to them.

Kendra: mommy

Me: got everything?

Him: yeah. I’ll bring her back tomorrow after church

Me: uhhm ok

She came to give me a hug

Her: I will see you tomorrow ok mommy

Me: ok my angel. Mommy loves you

Her: I love you to the moon and back

Me: and I love you to the stars and back

She giggled and let go of me. I squatted in front of her and planted a kiss on her forehead, cheeks and then lips… she liked that.

Me: bye now

Her: bye mommy

She walked out and Miso turned to me

Him: sort your life out Yolanda. Decided what exactly it is you want in your life. Bye

With that he walked out and left me like that. I went to the door and locked up after them and poured myself a glass of wine and went to the lounge and channel hopped. I had a dozen missed calls from Triston. I cleared my notifications and then put my phone back on the table and on silent this time instead of vibrate. I don’t know when I drifted off but I was woken up by a loud banging on the door. I dragged my feet and gulped the rest of my glass and then went to open after placing it on the counter. It was Triston.

Him: Yolanda please

Me: what are you doing here?

Him: I owe you an explanation and I’m not leaving without you hearing me out. so please open

Me: promise after this you will stay the f**k away from me

Him: I can’t do that Yolanda

Me: then please leave

Him: Yolanda I love you

Me: funny cause you engaged to my little sister

Him: I didn’t know she was your sister

Me: you lying.

Him: ok fine. When I found out you two are sisters it was already late and I had already popped the question. We’ve been engaged for a year and she was at work and finishing her time there before moving here with me.

Me: why didn’t you tell me you were engaged?

Him: cause I knew that if I had told you then you wouldn’t have agreed to be with me. I swear I didn’t know you two were sisters until it was late Me: and you still didn’t do anything about it Him: I’ve been trying to bring myself to end things with her but I couldn’t. I promised her mother I would take good care of her daughter Me: I don’t believe you. And the abuse

He looked down.

Him: it was one time

Me: she has bruises on her back.

Him: it was a mistake

Me: stay away from her Triston

Him: only if you’ll get back together with me

Me: go fuck yourself. I’ll never be with you

Him: then I won’t leave Ivy alone. My whole family loves her so no

Me: why are you with her if she’s your punching bag

Him: she’s not my punching bag. Believe it or not I love her

Me: and you love me too right? Just leave and never come here again or I’ll tell her everything Him: you don’t want to try me Yolanda

Me: excuse you

Him: don’t test me Yolanda. I am with your sister and she is madly in love with me and if you dare try to ruin what she and I have, I swear to God you will live to regret it

Me: are you threatening me?

Him: no, I’m warning you. You won’t say anything to Ivy and I won’t touch her, dare talk and you’ll never see her

I swallowed hard and he had this annoying smirk on his face

Him: now be a good girlfriend and let me in and we won’t have any problems

Me: Ivy is your problem and not mine

I don’t know what game I was playing but I wasn’t going to let myself be abused the same way Ivy’s mother abused me years back. I was not going to suffer the sufferings I thought I had conquered.

Him: you don’t know this game you trying to play Buttercup. Don’t start now. open this damn bugler

Me: No. leave or else I’ll call the cops He chuckled

Him: and that’s supposed to scare me right? oh please. I have the law right on the palm of my hands Yolanda. You want your sister to stick around and alive don’t you? Then I suggest you let me and let us continue with the way things once were between us before your dramatic storm out

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