The Life I never Imagined

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I was in the kitchen cooking for my princess and

waiting for her to come back with her father,

guy was supposed to have left but who knows

why he is still around and I haven’t asked either.

I got a message from Triston which read “you will

regret what you did”


I felt her arms wrap around my legs. I looked

down to her and put my phone down and

hugged her back.

Me: how was school?

Her: school was amazing. Daddy and I went to get ice cream and chocolate

Me: I thought I said no sweet things at this hour She giggled and let go of her

“I couldn’t resist her puppy eyes”

I looked up and Miso was standing by the door with a smile. I swear he gets hotter everytime I

see him. he was leaning by the door with his hands in his pockets wearing navy NY cap, navy joggers, white t-shirt and white sneakers. Him: hey

Me: hi. Honey go put your bag upstairs and change into the dress ontop of your bed

Her: yes mummy. Don’t go anywhere I’ll be back now now

She said looking at her father pointing her with her index finger as though she was scolding him. I couldn’t help but laugh at how serious she suddenly was

Him: I wont go anywhere princess

Her: good.

With that she walked out and left us laughing Me: I was making dinner, can I count you in or? Him: you heard your daughter, I’m not allowed to leave

I nodded and turned back to the pot Him: how are you?

Me: I’m good thanks and how are you?

Him: you know what I’m asking buttercup

I could literally feel him standing right behind me. I turned to face him

Me: better than I should be I guess

He moved to the other side and leaned on the counter and I turned to the pots Him: whats this?

Me: what?

Him: this? what does this mean? Whats going on Yolanda?

He was holding my phone reading my messages from Triston. GREAT! For once I didn’t want to involve Miso in my drama or mess or whatever. I mean he’s always there to rescue me EVERYTIME I’m in need of rescuing. He was waiting for an answer but I didn’t have one for me… ok maybe I did but I didn’t know where to begin. I mean the texts are self-explanatory so whats there to explain really?

Him: Yolanda

What happened to him calling me buttercup? Me: yes

Him: Whats going on here? Why’s Triston

threatening you?

I shrugged

Me: he’s mad cause I ended things with him

Him: what? Was he expecting you to stay with

him even after you found out he’s dating your

sister? that’s messed up

Me: yeah well he’s mad

Him: why didn’t you tell me Yolanda?

I shrugged again. I felt like I was in an interrogation room right now and this guy wasn’t going to let go easily

Him: Why didn’t you tell me anything?

Me: because Miso… I’m tired of always running to you. I’m tired of always having to turn to you whenever things are screwed up in my life

Him: you the mother of my child Buttercup. I will always be there for you. I will always be there to rescue you

He turned me to him and made me face him, he lifted my face up with his index finger

Him: despite everything that has happened and everything that I said to you Buttercup, the way I feel about you hasn’t changed one single bit. i will forever be there for you no matter what. I will deal with Triston

Me: I appreciate everything you just said but this is my fight

Him: Butte…

I put my finger on his lips shutting him up

Me: let me handle this. Ivy is my sister and Triston is my ex. Let me deal with this and if I cant then I’ll come to you for help

By this time I had removed my finger from his lips and we were looking deep into each others eyes.

Him: are you sure?

Me: yes I’m sure

He bent down to kiss me and I couldn’t help but respond. His lips… something I had forgotten in this time he was gone. he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer while I wrapped my arms around his neck devouring him. his touch on my ass was making me wet down there, with every tongue stroke I could feel a good sensation between my legs.


We broke the kiss and Kendra was standing by the door with her hands covering her eyes. we looked at each other embarrassed. Of all the times she could walk in on us she chose this one? This girl! Miso cleared his throat and pointed down with his eyes making my eyes widen. He was hard, I found myself giggling and bit my lower lip

Kendra: are you guys done now

Me: yes baby we done

Miso gave me a look and I just smiled. He mouthed “you’ll pay for this” and I giggled again

Her: you guys are disgusting

Me: hey. We still your parents young Miss

Her: I’m gonna tell grandma

Miso: and you and I will never go out for ice cream again

Her: that’s not fair

Him: whats not fair is you telling your grandma our business

Her: fine. We have a deal

I just chuckled and let these two be. I always wondered what its like when they spend time together without me being around and I’m starting to think its like this all the time. the pointless adorable arguments. Me: any homeworks?

Her: nope.

Me: you sure?

She nodded with a smile, full teeth smile and all Him: okay princess

Her: come lets leave mommy to cook and go watch tv

Me: I need help

Her: no. you two will just kiss again

We looked at each other and laughed. Whats wrong with my daughter lately? She has an answer for everything. she just drops bombs and stuff. Unexpectedly.

Him: she’s your mother and I’m your father, we allowed to share a kiss every now and then Her: but you not married

Him: should we be married to kiss?

She shrugged. Maybe we confusing her

Her: I don’t know. only married people kiss

Me: can you two argue elsewhere

Him: we not arguing. We having a conversation

Her: yes we just talking and keeping you company. What are you cooking? Me: meat and mashed potatoes

Him: nice.

When I was done I dished up for everyone with greek salad I had came back with from Yonda’s house when I was there earlier. We sat in the lounge and ate watching TV over light conversations. Well Kendra was the one watching TV and Miso and I were catching up Me: I thought you were leaving this week Him: I’m enjoying bonding with my daughter Me: oh cool then

Him: and also my trip got extended, I got a job to do

Me: what do you know about the $pritz?

Him: how do you know the $pritz?

Me: I just heard about them around… So?

Him: stay clear of the $pritz Buttercup

Me: oh

Him: yes. It’s a dangerous gang. On another level

Me: mmmh

Him: why do you ask anyway?

Me: incase you haven’t ben watching the news lately, they are responsible for the last bank Robbery or atleast that’s what people assume… you don’t happen to be involved right?

Him: I’m not that desperate for money Buttercup

Me: I understand that b…

Him: I wouldn’t risk yours and Kendra’s life like

that Buttercup. Click did offer me to come

aboard but the thought of anything happening

to you guys breaks my heart into a million pieces

and I wouldn’t be able to bare it. so I turned him


Me: oh

Him: you believe me right?

Me: yeah

Him: you not convincing but whatever. You done eating?

I nodded and he took my plate and took Kendra’s too and went to put them in the kitchen and then came back and placed my feet ontop of his lap

Me: you didn’t wash those dishes that quick

Him: you have a dishwasher. Why should I be washing dishes with my hands? Me: brat!

He laughed and started massaging my feet.

Me: princess

Her: yes mommy

Me: whats the time now?

Her: 7:30

Me: and what time do you go to bed again?

Her: 7:30

Me: so chop chop.

Her: but mommy

Me: na.ah princess we not doing this. Lets go wash and get you to bed

Her: fine. Daddy come tuck me in

Him: call me when you done washing

Her: fine

She kissed my cheek and kissed Miso’s then went up to her room and left us in the lounge Him: that’s abuse thou

Me: what is?

Him: sleeping that early

Me: what time is she supposed to go to bed?

Him: 8 or 9

Me: she washes at 7:30 and sleeps at around 8….

Him: fine

I rolled my head back and let out a soft moan

as he was doing so good with his hands on my

feet. I needed this after the day I had. I heard

him chuckle

Me: what?

Him: you moaning

Me: I needed this

Him: right

We sat there in silence while he was busy with my feet until Kendra came and they went to her room together. I went to shower while he was busy with his daughter in the meantime. I was almost done when he joined me in the shower Me: what are you doing?

Him: having a shower with you.

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