The Life I never Imagined

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Ivy: beautiful flowers

Him: I’m sorry about last night

He said giving her the flowers

Her: I’ll put these in water

I looked at her as she walked away to the sink. What the hell happened last night? Triston smiled at me

Him: so who were you talking to?

Me: my daughter. What happened last night?

Him: nothing babe

Me: Ivy?

Her: nothing Red

Him: I’m hungry. What are we eating?

Ivy: I made sandwiches, I didn’t think you’d be back this early

Him: its ok babe. Let me go change quickly ok and I’ll be back now now

He kissed her cheek and then walked out. I looked at Ivy waiting for an explanation but she avoided eye contact with me. I was going to get the truth out of her one way or the other. Me: Yvette

Her: Red

She turned to look at me with a smile

Me: What did Triston do to you last night?

Her: nothing. I’m fine

Me: fine then don’t talk.

I put my phone on the counter and stormed off to his room. His stuff is mostly in Ivy’s room and he comes to mine every now and then… ok I’m lying he mostly sleeps in my room unless he’s mad at me or something. I walked into their room and he was in the closet topless looking for a t-shirt

Me: What the hell did you do to her?

Him: nothing.

Me: I’m done with you! I’m leaving.

Him: Landa please.

I walked away and he held my arm.

Him: Landa please. Please don’t leave me

Me: you hit her didn’t you?

Him: it was a mistake I swear

Me: you don’t hit someone by mistake Triston.

I half shouted. I was pissed. Now I know I threaten him with leaving but is there really leaving him? I know that me threatening to leave ticks him off and I have him at my mercy. Me: you hit my sister after you promised to never lay a hand on her. I told you that if you ever hit her then I would leave

Him: Landa it was a mistake. Ivy and I are fine now. We good. She’s forgiven me, why can’t you do the same? Look lets go out tonight so I can show you just how sorry I am Me: fuck you!

I pulled my arm away from him and went downstairs with him following me like a lost

puppy. I grabbed the nearest car keys and

drove off. I needed to be out of that house or

else I would go mad. I parked inside Bridget’s

yard and went to the door and knocked, she

answered after a while.

Her: what a nice surprise

We shared a hug and then broke it Her: please come in

Me: how are you? Where are my nephews?

Her: I just put them to sleep

Me: both of them? A toddler and a new born?


She laughed

Her: magic! How are you? How are the wedding preps?

Me: I am going crazy Bri. I just want to die already

Her: you’ve held on for so long Landa. Don’t give up now. you have a daughter looking forward to seeing her mother again

Me: the more I stay in that house the more I lose myself. I don’t know who the hell I am anymore. It’s like I’ve lost my identity and I’m nothing but Triston’s fiancé. I hate it Bri. I hate myself. God Her: Landa calm down. Look at me

She held my shoulders and made me look at her. I was really defeated. I was crying for all the times I didn’t cry. I have witnessed this guy beat my sister up more than once and I’ve had to step in all the time. except the time I was in a hospital bed because of her. I tried getting her to run away but she loves him. I don’t know why she does but she says she loves him and she can’t get herself to leave him. who am I to interfere there? I was mad at a lot of things and not seeing my daughter, holding her, being with her and just hearing her bickering with her father was one of the reasons I was crying.

Her: Landa you’ve held on for so long. Don’t give up now, remember the reason you even

got yourself into this in the first place ok? You doing this for your daughter and as long as Triston is this person he is then your daughter will never be safe. You almost there

Me: feels like I’m not getting anywhere with him

Her: you have your sister to help you with everything. you so close

I took a deep breath and let it out. God why was this so difficult? I was working with MJ Yanga Bess, Miso’s brother and he was helping me build a case on Triston that would lock him up for years but it’s not easy getting information out of someone like Triston. And with Click MIA we have nothing to go on so far.

Her: you can do this ok? I know you can

Me: has MJ said anything to you?

MJ and I were communicating through Bridget and Marcy because then Triston wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Her: he’s been digging and he and Miso haven’t gotten anywhere just yet. The guy’s information is way too encrypted and they’ve tried just about everything but he’s security is tighter than they had anticipated

Me: yeah well I wouldn’t expect anything less

Her: maybe you can try get his laptop or something

Me: no ways. He would kill me

Her: MJ said he would drop off some USB thingy Miso made and that things is supposed to record all of his data the minute its installed on his laptop

Me: Triston has two laptops, how am I supposed to know which is which? Who’s to say his things are in this laptop?

Her: do you perhaps have a better idea? You want to be with your daughter don’t you? We don’t have another choice here Lala

Me: I guess.

Her: you need a glass of wine

I chuckled. She knew me all too well Her: doctors’ orders.

I nodded while laughing, I sat on the high chairs and watched her as she poured us wine Her: so are you ready for marriage?

Me: is that a trick question?

She laughed as she handed me my glass and she sat opposite me

Her: it doesn’t hurt to ask

Me: I can see how much this is hurting Ivy

Her: Ivy will thank you for this one day

Me: I hope so. I really hope so ey

Her: she will. I mean had she not been involved with this psycho then she wouldn’t be hurting like this now would she? Me: I guess

Her: she’ll thank you.

I gulped my wine at one go. God I needed this, it’s been a while since I drank any. Triston

doesn’t approve of me drinking especially now that we trying to get pregnant… his words not mine. If only he knew, I got my tubes tied the day I decided to get into whatever this is. I don’t want a baby or anything linking me to this monster. But with the way he’s so attached to me I sometimes think I’m pregnant.

Her: how’s the baby making process going? I laughed

Me: really Bridget?

Her: you sure he doesn’t suspect anything? Me: at the moment no. he hasn’t even suggested checking me out

Her: you playing with fire Yolanda

Me: I know but I don’t want a baby by him. I would die!

Her: whatever you say then.

Me: I’m sleeping over

Her: you not even going to ask me?

Me: you my sister in law, why should I?

Her: and you don’t think he’ll come here?

Me: nah. I left my phone which has a tracker in it

Her: the car Lala. What if he tracks the car?

Me: then let’s drive and go dump it somewhere

Her: you want this guy to kill you I swear

Me: he wouldn’t dare. Come lets go

Her: let me go call the nanny first.

Me: ok babe

She walked out. their nanny lived in the pool

house at the back. I went to the car to wait for

her, she was going to follow me with her car and

then after we would drive back together. I know

for a fact that he hasn’t tried tracking it just yet.

We dumped it next to a nearby forest and then

we drove to Yonda’s house and he was back

already. I greeted and we conversed lightly.

Triston called Bridget while we were cooking.

She put him on speaker


Him: Bridge

Her: Triston

Him: I’m looking for my future wife, any idea where she might be?

Her: what do you mean you looking for Lala?

What the hell did you do to her?

I gave her look and she held back laughter. He sounded so worried it was almost cute.

Him: she just stormed off. I’m worried about her because I just found the car she left in and she wasn’t in it. What if something happened to her Her: if anything happens to her Triston. I swear to God

Him: I swear I didn’t do anything to her Bridget. Please believe me. We had a little argument and she stormed off

Her: have you tried calling her?

Him: she left her phone and its late. I can’t even file a missing person’s report

Her: you better pray that she’s alive wherever she is

Him: please call me if you hear anything

Her: sure.

Him: thanks Bri. Bye

her: bye

***End of PC**

She ended the call and I laughed my ass off. Bridget should have gone into acting I swear, even I was convinced that I was missing with the way she handled the call.

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