The Life I never Imagined

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I walked in and he was pacing up and down the lounge like someone who didn’t get any sleep. It was the next day in the morning, he was on the phone and he sounded pissed. I closed the door behind me and he turned to me Him: she just walked in. I’ll call you later

I walked past him and he grabbed my arm. Him: where the fuck were you?

He was even pink with anger such that I wanted to laugh but I composed myself. I was a little tipsy too because last night was too lit with my sister in law. Yonda drove us to the club and he requested us a cab in the early hours of morning, said Bri and I needed to have some fun even if it’s for a few hours. I admire the kind of husband my brother is, he’s so carefree and very loving. I looked at his hand on my arm and then up at him

Him: answer me dammit!

Me: I needed to breathe. Now please let go of my arm you hurting me

Him: and you couldn’t call?

Me: how? My phone is right on the table

He raised his hand in attempt to slap me but he stopped himself in his tracks. I raised an eyebrow. Honestly I thought he would act faster than he did, I thought he’d throw me against the wall the minute I walked in but he kept his cool.

Him: Where were you?

Me: at the club downtown

Him: a club? Yolanda what the fuck is your

problem huh? do you not want to marry me?

Me: I’m glad you asked because I don’t want

to marry you Triston. I’m only still here because

you promised you wouldn’t hurt anyone in my

family if I married you.

He tightened his grip

Me: Triston let go of me

Him: Yolanda you are mine.

Me: you say you love me but this, this is not love. You don’t fucking hit someone you love Triston Him: how else am I supposed to earn your respect Yolanda? I’ve tried everything but you always do something to piss me off.

Me: maybe if you let me go then you’d earn my respect.

Him: I am your husband and you are going to

respect me at all costs

Me: keep dreaming Mr.

I was so calm and he was so pissed. He looked at me and chuckled, he let go of my arm.

Him: I should keep dreaming huh? Ok Yolanda.

We’ll play this your way.

He looked like I a lunatic, I was scared as to what he meant. What he was planning on doing. He walked upstairs and I followed him. he

walked into his room with Ivy and he uncovered the blankets and pulled her by her hair Me: Triston what the fuck is your problem?

I tried pulling him away from my screaming little sister.

Me: Triston please

Him: I tried to play nice with you but you Yolanda. You just like doing things your own way right?

Me: Triston please stop you hurting her

He threw her on the floor and he walked towards her but I ran and got in front of him Me: I’m sorry

Him: Yolanda I’ve done everything your way but still you not satisfied. You never happy so I’ll go back to doing things my way

Me: Triston please don’t do this. We getting married tomorrow and the last thing we want is my maid of honour unable to show her face to

our guests because of this. I’m sorry ok. I promise I will do things your way

Him: I don’t want you to do things my way Yolanda. All I ask of you is that you return to me the love I’m giving you

I was tongue tied. How do you make yourself love a monster? I really need to get this information before I die or Ivy dies. He seemed calmer. I walked over to him and cupped his face

Me: Triston I’m sorry

Him: I don’t want your apology Yolanda He half scolded me.

Me: You want me to return to you the love you give me but you not giving me any reason to fall in love with you. Triston you’re a monster and I’m scared of you. How am I supposed to love someone I’m afraid of?

Him: tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it Yolanda.

He went down on his knees and holding my hands sitting on his heels. With tears in his eyes. in my mind all I could think of was not to fall for his crocodile tears. Nobody changes over night Him: I will do anything for you

Me: you can start by treating Ivy the same way you treat me or if you so tired of her then end things with her and set her free

Him: not while she’s carrying my baby. When she gives birth then she can have all the freedom in the world

I looked at Ivy. She’s pregnant? Why didn’t she tell me? she was curled up in a corner just looking at us. God what did I get myself in to? Me: You pregnant?

She nodded slowly. I involuntarily slapped him. How dare he manhandle a pregnant woman? I was so angry. I didn’t stop at one slap but I hit him continuously and he didn’t stop me at all. I was hitting him for every pain he has caused

me, every pain he has caused my sister, not being able to be with my daughter. Just everything bad that has happened in this period of time. when I felt I had hit him enough I walked out of their room and went to lock myself up in his. Ivy needed to get away from Triston one way or the other. She just needed to get away from him. Something needed to be done. We can’t keep living like this. I was not going to marry this psychopath, I’m sorry I can’t. I sat on the floor and buried my face in my hands crying. I heard him knocking tirelessly but I didn’t respond, he knocked until he probably figured it was pointless because after a while he had stopped I heard Ivy’s soft knock

Her: Red please open the door I kept quiet

Her: he’s gone Red. Please open the door.

I was hesitant but I dragged myself to open for her and first thing she did was throw herself at me.

Her: Red I am so sorry you in this mess I didn’t respond.

Her: We can’t keep living like this. We have to get rid of him

I broke out of her arms and looked at her expecting her to laugh or giggle or chuckle or something. She couldn’t possibly be serious right?

Me: What?

Her: Red He’ll never set me free. I’m not pregnant, I lied

Me: I don’t understand

Her: the home test was a false alarm

I looked at her trying to make some sense out of what she had just said. So she wasn’t pregnant? Me: you not pregnant?

Her: I just wanted him to stop hitting me. I knew

that the only way he would stop was if I said I

was pregnant

Me: Yvette!

Her: look he will be back soon. Red we need to kill him

Me: Are you insane?

Her: Nobody has to know. I have been googling ways to get rid of the body without a trace and Me: whoa whoa whoa! Yvette have you any idea how insane you sound right now? Besides even if we tried to kill him the $pritz would come after us all our lives. I have a daughter and they would go after her

Her: they wouldn’t go anywhere near Kendra Me: The Besses are good people. They don’t deal shady nor are they associated with any shady dealings so there’s no way in hell my daughter is safe from the $pritz. I’m not doing this with you Yvette. We could get life in prison.

We need to gather as much information about him, something that could bring him down for a very long time

Her: Prison is his home Red

Me: depends which Prison he is in sis. We just need to get some dirt on him that’s all

Her: how?

Me: he trusts you more than he trusts me. I need his personal computer which has all of his stuff Her: I don’t know the password

Me: you share a room with him Ivy. Try getting the password or have him give it to you unlocked

Her: and then?

Me: you’ll insert the flash drive and then give it to me when you done.

Her: I don’t know

Me: Ivy you trust me don’t you?

Her: I do b…

Me: then let me handle this please. You owe me this much

She nodded and took the flash

Me: keep this safe and make sure he doesn’t see it ok?

She nodded. Let’s just hope Ivy is smart enough to pull this off without getting caught. She walked out of my room and locked myself inside again. God I hope this works. It was the beginning of November and soon the year would be ending.

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