The Life I never Imagined

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***Phone Conversation*** Me: Ari

Her: hey babe what’s up?

Me: I need a favour

Her: shoot

Me: can Ivy come live with you

Her: yeah sure no problem

Me: thanks friend. We’ll be there in an hour

Her: ok cool

Me: thanks a milli

Her: no need to thank me

***End of conversation***

By the time I was done talking Ivy was standing by the door looking at me. You see the thing about Ari is that she’s a good hearted person and the best friend anyone could ever have and she would literally drop anything to help me out and I would do that same for her.

Me: come sit

I said patting next to me on the bed

Her: you want me to go live with your friend

Me: just for a while until we have enough money

Her: but I Lala I can help you

Me: you are not going to be having sex with random strangers for money Her: but you doing it

Me: I don’t have a choice

Her: we always have a choice Lala and you made yours

I was defeated. When did 12 year olds become smart? She stood up and went to our wardrobe Her: I’ll start packing

Me: Ivy this is for your own safety. It’s my job to look out for you and make sure that you never go through what I’m going through

Her: and sending me away is you doing that?

Me: its what’s best Ivy. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you

Her: what if you trying to protect me is you putting me in harm’s way?

Me: Ari would never hurt you. Her family would harm you

Her: you don’t know that Yolanda.

Me: come let’s help you pack

She just shoved her clothes into her suitcase and then zipped it up.

Her: I’m done we can go

Me: Ivy

Her: we don’t want to keep Ariana waiting

Me: your sarcasm is charming. Look I will visit you everyday

Her: why can’t we live there together?

Me: because I don’t want us to be a burden to Ari’s parents. Besides I’m almost done with school and then we can leave together when I go to varsity

Her: you promise?

Me: I promise

We hooked our pinkies together and then sealed it with a kiss on our hands. It’s always been our thing from since we were kids. I was busy with my finals and it was November already. I was left with my accounting paper and English paper 3. I skipped a few classes back in primary, I’ve always been a smart kid. We took out her clothes and then started packing them nicely and neatly and after that I made us something to eat and then I accompanied her to Ari’s home. Ari would be sharing the room with Ivy. We left Ivy inside and spoke outside

Ari: you gonna be able to come practise with us today?

Me: I wish I could but you know how things are Her: Landa you need to stop this. its madness and it might get you sick

Me: Ari I understand your concerns but I’m left with two more papers and then I promise you we gone

Her: will the money be enough to get away?

Me: it should be

Ari: you know if you need more I got you right? Me: I know buddy and thank you. Thank you for everything.

Her: give me a hug

We shared a hug and then I walked home passing by the shop. This neighbourhood hottie walked up to me, he’s hot yes but he’s an arrogant self-centred bastard and I want nothing to do with him. Ok reason why I hate him this much is because growing up he and I were good friends until our prom night when he tried to get into my pants and after having failed he called me the names that everyone else in school had been calling me. He turned

out to be like any other jerk who saw me as

nothing but a sex slave.

Him: Yola wait up

Me: Leave me alone Raphael

Him: Yola come on

He said grabbing my arm, I tried pulling it away from him but his grip was tight.

Me: say what you want to say and go

Him: Yola I’m sorry ok. I’ve been feeling bad about what happened since that day and I hate myself for what I put you through

Me: oh so now I’m not a slut that opens her legs to every man I come across?

Him: I didn’t mean it Yola. Can I make it up to you?

Me: Raphael stay away from me. it was bad enough that everyone in school acted some type of way towards me but for you to do the same? That was a low blow even for you. Let go of me

I yanked my arm from him and he let go. Raph is the first man to ever hurt me emotionally after my dad. He and I were tight and he knew everything but not once did he judge me or treat me some type of way and then all of a sudden he acted like a jerk and from there on I have never gotten close with any guy. I got home and I was welcomed by a bitch slap and who was I to let her go, I returned one to her myself and she held her cheek Her: I want you out of my house

Me: gladly

Her: and bring my daughter back

Me: why? So you can sell her like you did me? I don’t think so “mummy”

She screamed in frustration and stormed off. Where was I going to go? All I had managed to raise was 5K and that wasn’t even going to be enough to cover up my fees. I was just praying that I get a bursary when I get to varsity. I got

into my room and packed my clothes and took everything that belonged to me and walked out of my home or at least the place I used to call home. I felt a rain drop on my hand. Could today get any worse? I started walking and the rain got worse, a car stopped next to me and the person inside rolled down the window and Good God was this man a creature from out of this world. No man should ever look the way this man did. It was morally wrong! Him: can I give you a lift?

I looked at him blankly. Not because I didn’t hear him but I was too busy focused on his beautiful self that everything he was saying was falling on deaf ears. I felt someone taking my suitcase and I got a clear view of him. he was in no way human shame. He was an alien and he had a British accent which made him even more sexy. He opened the door for me after having put my dirty suitcase inside his brand

new looking car, he was driving the latest

Mercedes Benz.

Him: please, get in

I looked at him and my mind came back. No man ever wants to give you a lift unless he expects something in return. DON’T TRUST HIM Yolanda! -trust my subconscious to talk to me in the most unexpected situations-Me: what do you want in return?

Him: excuse me?

Me: no man just ever does something nice without any expectations. So what are yours? Him: can we have this conversation inside the car. I already have flu and I don’t want it to get any worse

He said that shivering. He was wearing a shirt and chinos with nice red bottoms. He looked like someone who had style for days.

Him: if I wanted to steal you or do something to you, I would have already

Me: now how am I supposed to trust you?

Him: I never asked you to trust me to begin with I was suddenly stunned. Him: please get in the car

I swallowed my pride and got inside his car and he closed the door and ran into his side and got in. his car was so warm because of the heater. He buckled up my seat belt and then buckled up his and then started the engine. He was listening to G-Eazy’s album… if only he knew the crush I have on the guy.

Him: you told me I own that pearl, yeah that’s cause I bone you girl. you should be my only girl when I hit it you feel like you own the world. I’m on some…. You listen to G? Me: huh?

Him: if you uncomfortable with the song you can change it

Me: no its cool. I love G-Eazy

Him: a girl that knows her music. I think I like you already.

I didn’t respond

Him: so where am I taking you?

Me: uhhm

Him: uhhhm?

Just then his phone rang and he answered it, it

was connected via Bluetooth to his car. And on

the screen it was written “Munchkin”. He

answered it.


Him: is mom ok?

The girl just cried

Him: I’m on my way

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