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Winter Hollow

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The life of Jennifer Anne Lindgren seemed to be perfect. She lived at the peaceful town of Winter Hollow, Connecticut, not far from New Haven. Great danger comes in the most unexpected way and time, when a killer virus from far off lands suddenly arrives at Winter Hollow. Jennifer and her family soon encounter the deadly disease face to face, only to start a fatal chain of events that eventually puts the entire world at peril. What is the Winter Strain? What is going to happen to Jennifer Lindgren, after all?

Drama / Other
Sheila Wisz Ellayn
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Chapter 1

Winter Hollow

A Story by Sheila Wisz Ellayn

It has been a long time since all of it happened, the tragedy feels like it could have taken place many lifetimes ago and yet, against all of my wishes, I can still recall every detail of those days.

To be honest, I have no idea why I am just about to tell this story to you.

So many times I find myself thinking that if my father had given me that book a little earlier, just a few weeks before that day then perhaps I could have stopped the disaster, I could have saved so many lives... Death was in my hands, and yet my ignorance about what I was doing brought devastation to the town that I called home.

Anyway, it was not my father’s fault... or even mine, if you think about it.

My world ignored this thing just like it ignores many other dangers, we never took it seriously, we thought that we were safe and everything was fine...

Now the Winter Strain keeps spreading through my world, and nobody knows how many lives it will claim.

I am responsible for the death of Winter Hollow, and now I want to tell my story just in case you think that a disaster like this cannot happen to your world...

I can hear the birds singing outside as I open my eyes, the air is nice and cold, it seems to be a rather cloudy day at the other side of my window and there it is, my mother’s voice coming from downstairs as she sings happily in the kitchen...

“Oh, not that song again!” I whisper, grabbing my plushy cat and pulling it closer to my face- “Just how many times has she watched that freaking movie already? Well, it’s another day...”

It takes me some time to fight off the sleepiness and wake up at last, my eyes blink at the sight of the gray but intense light that comes through my window and I yawn as I try to sleep a little more, but my mother keeps singing and I know that she will not allow me to remain up here for long.

“Jennifer!” she screams, just a few seconds after I have finished washing my face- “You are going to be late, what is keeping you up there so long?”

“I am coming!” I reply, irritated at her as is usual these days- “Give me a chance to wake up!”

“Come on! Your father cannot wait for long...”

Well, I must admit that’s true: Dad must depart on his way to the hospital on schedule, mother is leaving early as well because she has a special concert and if I am not ready soon then I will miss my ride with both of them. Damn it! My hair is really a mess today... Come on!


I quickly throw my black leather coat on top of my jeans and shirt, and after grabbing my Jeep footwear I open the door and dash downstairs before my mother gets too mad at me...

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