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Let Me Be The One (The One Series: Book1)

By StacieEvans89 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


It's 2004 in Boston. Four of the most popular high school students want something different in their lives. The result? They form a pop group to compete on the regional talent search, "New England's Teen SuperStar"! But their reputations are on the line when their hidden talents are threaten to be exposed. Will they gain the confidence they need to sing and dance their hearts out? Will they win the competition? Follow Alyson (the cheerleader); Andrew (the bully); Bailey (the good girl); and Justin (the British lacrosse player) as they balance their status as the popular teens and keeping their pop band a secret. This is book1 of 'The One' series.


September 7, 2004

Screams are heard through the dark halls. She follows the sounds with confidence. She hears them chanting her name as she gets closer to the bright lights. She grins as she enters the large room. Yet, it wasn’t just any room, it was a stadium filled with screaming teenagers, holding up signs she couldn’t quite figure out. All the signs were blurred out.

She then sees eight people on the stage, three guys and five girls. All of them, including herself, shared the same ages. She saw this group of people facing her, grinning. Two of the three guys gesture her to join them. She did so happily.

Then one of the guys, a boy with messy blonde hair, spoke into his microphone with a British accent, “Everyone, this is Alyson Bauer, your newest popstar!”

Alyson grinned as she watched over the audience, chanting her name. Suddenly, the numerous voices become smaller until it turned into one female voice with the American Boston accent.

“Alyson! Wake up!”

Alyson looked up from her pillow, and saw her brunette slightly older sister. She was in a school uniform that consisted of a navy blue blazer, a white button-up shirt, a navy blue tie, and a navy blue pleaded skirt. On the blazer it had the crest of the school, Beacon Hill Secondary School.

The sister, Melissa, told her, “You need to stop dreaming about that band.”

With that, Alyson got out of her bed. She grabbed her makeup bag, her flat iron, uniform. She entered the bathroom. She saw in the mirror her newly-colored blonde hair. The hair itself was a bit of a mess, but it was nothing that a flat iron couldn’t fix.

After almost an hour of waiting, Alyson finally came out of the bathroom with her perfectly straight hair, perfect makeup, and her uniform skirt altered into a miniskirt. She even put on her tall stiletto boots. She saw her sister and their parents staring at her as she came downstairs with her pink messenger bag

Alyson flipped her hair as she said, “I must look good. I mean, I am popular.”

She walked out of the house, ignoring the glares coming from both her mother and Melissa. Eventually all three were off to Beacon Hill Secondary School, a private 7-12th grade school in the prestigious part of Boston, Beacon Hill. The tuition wasn’t as expensive as The Commonwealth School, but the price was still up there. School uniforms were mandatory, but they didn’t outlaw makeup or any type of shoes. They allowed the students to have some creative freedom with their uniforms, but not too much.

During the drive to school, Alyson blasted through her headphones her favorite CD, In The Night. It was the second album of her favorite pop band, Connect8. This band was from Britain, had eight members, and all of them were around the same age as her: Fifteen. The five girls were her fashion idols, along with The Plastics from the movie Mean Girls. She crushed hard on two of three boys, brown-haired Caleb Williams and blonde Alex Tredinnick. She discovered them a year earlier online just by randomly stumbling upon them on Amazon.

As the car arrived at the school, which was surrounded by other cars and school buses. Alyson stopped her CD Walkman, and stuffed it into her bag. As she was about to walk out of the car, her mother asked her with irritation in her voice, “How could you dye your hair blonde after I told you not to? And why would you go have your skirt altered?”

Alyson huffed as she got out, “Mom, stop! It’s done now!”

With that, she slammed the car door shut, and walked towards the school. She made sure she was far from Melissa as she walked up to her friends. The group of girls in equally short skirts saw her approached them. One of them, Bailey Richardson, smiled as she hugged her. Those two have been best friends since kindergarten.

One of the other girls in the group, Libby Middleton, told Alyson, “So you finally dyed your hair blonde, didn’t you?”

Alyson walked up to Libby with a grin on her face. She flipped her hair as she said, “Yeah, I did. And it feels good to finally be a blonde! Got a problem with that?”

All Libby did was sneer at her. Alyson smirked as she asked the girls in her clique, “Ready to rule our sophomore year?”

They all agreed, either reluctantly or willingly. The group, known as the Pink Clique, walked into the school with confidence. These girls were the top cheerleaders in the cheer squad. Alyson was the cheer captain, the youngest one in the school’s history. They were also the most popular girls in school. Sure they might have to compete with other girls who were in the dance team, and the girls who would just sit there and look pretty; but regardless, the Pink Clique were a force to be reckoned with, especially with Alyson as the Queen Bee.

As Alyson led her group, she eyed anyone who could be her first victim of the school year. One of the reasons why Alyson is so popular? She’s the school’s top mean girl. Most of the girls feared her, hated her, or just ignored her. She may have been beautiful and a trendsetter (she made Connect8 a trend at the school!), but she’ll insult any girl who may threatened her position or a girl who was at the bottom of the social food chain.

She soon eyed a black-haired boy holding the collar of a slightly older boy. The boy threatening the older boy demanded, “Give me your wallet!”

The older boy, a senior, pleaded, “Dude! You’re fucking rich already! You don’t need my money!”

“Do you want me to call my parents? I’m Andrew fucking Hawthorne! My own parents are fucking lawyers!”

Out of fear, the high school senior gives him his wallet. Andrew finally lets him go as he looks into the wallet. Amused, Alyson walked over to him. She smirked, “So you’re still bullying guys who are about to graduate in June?”

Andrew rolled his eyes, and turned to face her. His eyes widened for a moment, but then he narrowed them. He told her flatly, “You’re blonde.”

Alyson continued smirking, “It took several fights with my mom, but yeah, I’m blonde. Got a problem with that?”

He scoffed, “Why would I?”

“You’d never know.”

He then begins looking through the wallet as he asked, “What do you want, Alyson?”

"I just came here to tell you that you’re rude.”

“So are you.”

“What else is new?”

As Andrew was about to speak up, he looked up and saw a guy walking up to Alyson. This guy had dark-blonde hair, and like all of the boys, including Andrew, wore their navy blue blazers, button-up shirts, navy blue ties, and navy blue pants. Their choice of shoes usually vary, but Andrew and this particular boy were wearing Converse sneakers.

The boy kissed Alyson’s lips, and then glared at Andrew. He asked him in a British accent, “What did you do, Hawthorne?”

Andrew sneered, “Nothing, Harrison.”

Justin Harrison taunted, “You weren’t trying to hit on Aly, yeah?”

Andrew crossed his arms as he replied, “No. Don’t you have your lacrosse practice or something?”

“Don’t you have your basketball practice yourself?”

Just as Justin was about to speak, a girl with messy blonde hair walked up to the group. She asked Andrew, “Seriously? You two are going to get into another fight?”

Andrew smirked, “I already got a wallet from a high school senior.”

The girl, Amanda Hale, saw the wallet in his hands as he was showing it off. She smirked as she grabbed the wallet from his hands. She then faced Alyson, who, at this point, was glaring at the two.

Amanda taunted, “Wow, Alyson. You finally got your hair to match your bimbo personality.”

Alyson taunted, “Have you forgotten that you’re blonde yourself?”

Amanda huffed as she crossed her arms. Suddenly, the school bell rang, meaning it was time to go to class. As Alyson, Andrew, Justin, and Amanda were glaring at each other, a guy stopped in front of them. Ethan looked at them, and then walked off.

Andrew scoffed, “What does he want now?”

Alyson told him, “Ignore him. He’s just crazy.”

Everyone agreed, and then they walked off to their classes.

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