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Chapter 5: Pierre

You are?


I mean your name... please state your name.

...uh I'm... my name is... I-I'm Pierre...

Pierre? That's a nice name.


You look quite young. How old are you?

... um I... I'm 18

Are you in high school?

... (nods head)

Senior year?


Okay. Where... were you all this time?

... wha-t?

I mean, you said earlier that... you met Violet and Roman two weeks after the two first met, so where were you during that time?

I..uh... school?

Shouldn't you be... a graduate, by now?

...(looks away)

You didn't get to finish this year?


Was it because of Violet and Roman?

NO!... it's... it's not be-cause of them.. it's me.

Classic. Alright. I understand. Do you want to talk about it?


Pierre, are you always this quiet?


Okay, listen to me. I'm here to help you. I'm here to help the three of you. There's no need to be scared, whatever we talk about in here will never leave this room. You three are very interesting set of people and I would like to know more about you guys. I'm only recording this for profiling cause I will need to study your case before I would be able to fully help you. Right now we're only on the first step. Do you understand?


Good enough. So Pierre, do you have any question for me?


Anything at all. do you.. do you think I'm... different?



I mean, Violet... she's very upfront and she speaks as if her words are coming from a book, she's like..out of this world while... Roman, I didn't quite expect him to be that... talkative and he can... he can be a dick sometimes. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have.

He is... (cracks a smile but realizes it at once, lets go of it and fixes his seat)

You on the other hand is... quite reserved.

...oh... is-is that..a good thing?

It can be. But Pierre, you're gonna have to talk more. Express yourself. You're free in here. There is no judgment in this place.

I'll try...

Okay. Let's try a little icebreaker, alright?

... okay.

On the count of three... we both say what we like doing for fun. Okay?


One... two...


Three! Wall climbing.


...uh... videos.

Pierre... you're supposed to say it with me. You were a little two seconds...not that bad.

I'm sorry...

It's fine. videos? surf the net for... cat videos. Why?

They're... uh... furry.

You find them cute?

... (uneasy gulp)

Well then, that's your thing. I've seen quite a few. They're... entertaining. I like wall climbing, me and my mates are planning to go on an actual hike this month, I think they want the real action, real outdoor environment. I like the thrill of it. Don't you like doing stuff like that?

... (shakes head)

So I guess you like animals... do you have any pets?

...I-I wish

Oh, you don't? You just like watching... pussy.

(cracks a smile but then realizes it again) no not that.

I know. I know. I'm just trying to... loosen things up, god you are so tense!

... I'm sorry...

It's fine. You have a great smile. You should do that more often.

(shows a half-smile)That's… what Roman told me.

Roman? I'm sorry... I thought it was a 'Violet' thing to do.

Yeah... he's... like that. He's a great guy.

How did you meet them? Don't tell me you met them at the coffeeshop as well...

... I-i-uh I don't go to the coffeeshop anymore... rarely maybe.

Really? Why is that?

A few months ago... before I met them... I was at the coffeeshop, ordered tea and...I was just sitting there... then..then this guy...he looks like a... Bible-carrying minister and.. and h-he just barged in and screamed! It was so loud... then he dragged this...server from the counter... must be his daughter... he was screaming... h-he said..he would sue everyone then he pointed at me saying... EVEN YOU. Since then..I never went back to that coffeeshop... maybe once or twice...since Violet worked there.

Oh wow. That fits.


I mean, there's something Violet told me about Brady..earlier.

She... talked about Mr. Jeff Brady again?

Yeah... is...there a problem?

She and Roman... they had a fight about it once.

Oh, why?

Well... Roman... he gets.. jealous easily.

Really now?

Yeah... but he's really cool. He's just...he's been through a lot.

I think you all went through a lot of stuff.

... (nods head slowly)

So...again... how did you really meet them then?

They saved me.

Saved you?

... (nods head)


(looks away)

Pierre. It's okay.


You can tell me.

I don't... like talking about it.

Trust me. They've already told me parts of it. I just want to hear it from you.

... really?

Yes. What do you think each of them talked about for those hours you were waiting outside?


I'm listening.

There was this... group of chavs who were... they were always after me... ever since my family moved to this town four years ago. At first they were... they called me names but they wouldn't... go near me. So I... didn't mind them... that's what my parents told me... ignore them. D-don't fight back. Cause...cause if I did... it wouldn't stop. They wouldn't stop. It will escalate. They would—fight back as well. It's gonna be a cycle. But then... years later... they began abusing me... physically. Kyle, that was the arrogant guy's name. The two others I didn't...know their names. They would wait for me to walk on the streets alone... everytime I go home from school. At first they would only take whatever amount of money I have left. I—I learned to... either spend all the money everyday or...keep some in my locker. Because of that...Kyle would threaten me, he would hit me... I was so scared. I've got no friends at school. There's nothing left that I can do...but.. to try so hard to avoid them... change routes... but they would find me and they would know I'm trying to avoid them... so they would hit me even more until I got myself...a busted lip.

They knew I loved cats. There was this one time... a stray cat that always walks with me home. They found us and brought us somewhere... where the used car parts piled. The two held me down as I watched Kyle...burn the cat alive in front of me. He killed her. She did nothing to them yet... he killed her. I was hard when they left me. I didn't know what to do... that time, I knew what they're capable of. So I went home and I... I—tried looking for... things—anything that I can carry with me... to defend myself with. A screwdriver. A small one, I brought it anywhere I go.

The time came that I had use for that screwdriver... I've had enough. It was a shock to him... Kyle. I flung that screwdriver in an attempt to retaliate... but he was swift... like an eagle. I missed. It was just a scratch to his arm. Dumbfounded, I carelessly drop my weapon to the ground. Once again.. they had their chance to beat me up. Then arrived... a blue Bentley, drifting like one of those Rally Cross video games I used to play as a child. Violet.

What did you think of her that time?

She was... awesome.

Excuse me?

...she stepped down with legs so fierce and she walked as if all eyes were on her...well all eyes were on her while I assumed they stopped jabbing my face cause I couldn't feel anything anymore. Next thing I know, Kyle landed down rolling on the dirt with a bleeding nose like a whale's spout after having a short and precise introductory greeting. She had steel knuckles worn on her right hand. I ran back with her in her car and we sped away leaving the two worrying about their leader.

For a good 10 minute drive, all that time was spent on me silently resisting some of the tears I can still hold under my eyes... then we got to this beautiful house... a flat...

Then what happened?

... C-can I... have some tissue? My nose is... (points at the tissue box)

Oh. Yeah, sure. Here. Let's take a break.

You did great, Pierre.


I'll...turn this off for a moment, tell me if you're ready or... if you have any question...


Oh. Okay. What is it?

What is your name?

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