The One’s Fate Laughed At

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Two opposite but oddly similar people attract each other only to realize that they don't have all the time in the world. Fate brought these two together but that same fate might just tear them apart.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was meant to be another calm day at Cordova Private Academy situated in the upper east area. A school with a lot of prestige that dated back decades and stood tall and refined. But the commotion that befell the unsuspecting building that morning was beyond anyone’s proper reasoning.

“There’s a cow running around the school!” A student hollered.

They burst through the classroom door in the familiar navy blue uniform and everyone in the class instantly turned their heads his way.

“What are you talking about?” another student asked.

“There’s a real live cow running around the halls, it’s dragging something behind it and the floors are covered in milk. The principal and some teachers are trying to catch it!”

The slender student didn’t wait for anyone to voice anymore questions before he turned and ran back out of the room, kicking up some liquid from the floor.

Soon, loud voices coming from out in the hall reached the ears of the students who were still puzzled by their schoolmates strange announcement. Murmurs began as they looked between one another, wondering if this was a joke.

The equally astonished teacher near the front of the class tried to calm everyone down as voices rose in curiosity.

And then one person got up and as if triggering a chain reaction, a barrage of chairs scraping linoleum filled the classroom.

Sienna watched in amusement from a couple feet away as the crowd in the hallway grew and classmates expressed surprise as their feet were drenched.

Her motive for causing such havoc was merely because a rude student said, that in place of her brain was nothing but an empty skull filled with pure milk.

Sienna hadn’t taken too kindly to the insult and went out of her way to steal a cow from weird Mr. Peter’s ranch; an expensive piece of land everyone in the upper east area had questions about.

No one knew how such a strange old man, who dressed as if he were a beggar and thought of everyone as an enemy, could inherit such a rich and antique place that has probably been around since the founding of the city.

But Sienna couldn’t care less and while everyone was in class she spilled gallons of milk all over the halls. Then she took a long rope from the gymnasium and tied it around the animal who she calmed down by feeding it some grass.

Taking the other end of the rope she carefully tied it to the kids feet who rested out in the courtyard on his study time. The hardest part was being discreet and hiding the animal, but she managed.

She then gave the cow a good hard slap on the ass and it took off, dragging the shocked and scared student with it. Sienna could only laugh as she watched the kid getting pulled away screaming.

She looked on as the teachers circled around and trapped the cow while her history teacher took out a phone; probably calling some sort of animal control as another teacher slowly approached where the kid was still tied up, soaked and crying.

Sienna got up from where she hid and was ready to flee the scene when she felt a heavy hand clamp down on her shoulder.

“Miss Taylor, my office. Now!” Principal Michelson ordered and she cursed under her breath as she was led away.

Sienna has been to the school’s office more times than she could count. She knew every detail of the polished wooden walls that harbored fancy framed paintings the Principal had talked about so many times that she could recite everything about them word for word.

She knew that in the little Stainless Steel fridge just behind the Principal’s desk held his secret stash of beer and alcohol that he didn’t want anyone to know about, but Sienna knew.

The principal’s desk was in front of the wall length window opposite the entry door; a big cherry wood piece of furniture with a generic layout of stacked papers and a computer set up.

Sienna silently watched as Principal Michelson talked on the phone and made herself comfortable in one of the two chairs that was opposite the older man.

Principal Michelson soon hung up before letting out a big sigh.

“Miss Taylor” he started.

He propped his elbows on the hard surface and connected his chubby fingers into a tent-like position.

“You’ve been causing more of a ruckus than usual lately” he continued.

Sienna just shrugged her shoulders, undeterred.

“I guess you can say I’m trying to liven up this dull school” she said with a smile.

“This school is the best in the whole city; great academics all the way down to top notch sports clubs. If you want a more lively time then you should join one of those.” The older man leaned back into his chair.

“I’m not a sports girl,” Sienna retorted nonchalantly while following his actions.

“If I guessed correctly you were just speaking to my dad and he’s probably already writing a cheque for the damages, so, I’ll be going.”

Having flaunted her dad’s position and challenged her own relevance, Sienna got up to leave.

It usually ended like this. She never got punished because no one wanted to upset the daughter of a lawyer who could sue anyone out of their money.

“Sit down, Miss Taylor” Principal Michelson spoke up behind her.

Sienna turned around with confusion lacing her features. She didn’t need to hear the lecture on why what she did was wrong and all the technicalities of what it’ll take to repair what needed to be repaired. But she obeyed nonetheless and returned to the chair she previously occupied, ready to tune out the principal’s rant.

“We aren’t done yet.” He quipped.

“Yes, I was speaking to your father and yes, he’s paying for the damages but he’s also told me to inform you that this was the last straw; he’s given you too much freedom as it is and it’s enough.”

Principal Michelson then paused and gave her a small smirk.

Sienna lifted an eyebrow.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked.

“It means your father has decided that he’ll be sending you away to live with your mother” he finished.

Sienna's mouth fell open. She was at a loss for words and felt her body stiffen as if she had just been dumped over the head with ice cold water.

She stared at Principal Michelson but wasn’t actually seeing him, she was too preoccupied with her thoughts and the panic that had started to rise in her chest.


“Dad, you can’t do this to me!” Sienna exclaimed and followed her father around the house.

She had just gotten home after the principal forced her to help the custodians clean the halls which lasted well into the evening despite her classmates getting to end school early.

“Sienna, please” her father tried to ward her off.

He picked up a bunch of papers from the coffee table in their too large living room and went to leave.

“It wasn’t even that serious of a prank!” She offered up as an argument.

Sienna’s dad turned around and gave her a scowl. It was one of those frowns he would give the judge when things didn’t line up in his favor and Sienna winced uncomfortably at being the one it was directed to.

“Sienna, you let a cow drag some kid around the school with hallways drenched in milk” her father dropped the papers back down in frustration.

He was beyond the point of tolerating his daughter’s behavior.

“Do you even know how much those damages cost? What about the kid? Have you thought that maybe you’ve caused him some sort of trauma!?” Her dad drilled her like a witness on the confession stand.

Sienna slumped into the sofa she was standing in front of.

“Of course you haven’t, you just do what you please. And mostly that’s my fault for letting it go on as long as it has." He sighed.

She watched as he took a careful seat across from her, giving his temple the slightest rub that signaled an oncoming headache. He then raised his head to look his daughter in the eyes.

Sienna had her father’s looks; soft but distinct features that made her seem approachable, smooth olive colored skin and thin black hair that fell like water over her shoulders. The only feature that didn’t resemble her old man were her eyes, a warm inviting hazel brown. She had her mother’s eyes.

“I’m not always going to be able to bail you out of things, Sienna. If you keep going down this road how long until you start testing the law? How long until you’re in a courtroom facing a judge? I can do nothing for you then.”

The older male tried to make his daughter see reason.

“This is why I’m sending you to live with your mother for a while. So you can clear your mind and maybe quell this rebellious side of yours” Mr. Taylor searched his daughter’s face.

“Maybe you can learn something while your there.” When all he saw were accusing eyes, he shook his head.

“What am I supposed to do in the countryside?” Sienna questioned.

“There’s nothing but farms, grass and houses miles away from each other” she commented distastefully.

Her father got up, grabbing the papers he had let fall to the table.

“I’m sure there’s more than that” he reassured. “Start packing tonight, you’re leaving in two days.”

Sienna followed the back of her father who disappeared down the hall towards his study. When she heard the door close shut she let out a stream of curses.

How did her life turn into this? One minute she was rich, doing and buying whatever she wanted and now she’s being tossed to the country full of farmers and uneducated townsmen. Sienna threw herself back into the couch, wallowing in her own self pity.

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