The funeral of a city

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After a singer returned back to her hometown. The citizens of the peaceful town Kies are ahead of a time full off temptations and desperation. As the singer tears down all structures and standards that have been in effect up to now.

Drama / Romance
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... On the 25th September 1493 Christopher Columbus started his second expedition with 17 ships to the new world. On the 25. September 1513 Vasco Núñez der Baloba discovered the Pacific Ocean. On September 25th 1759, Prussia won the Battle of Hoyerswerda and on September the 25th 1849, the entire Thüringen Railway was completed. What makes the 25th September also special? -Nothing. At least not here in Kies were I live. September 25th was neither a public holiday nor a day of remembrance for us. No major decisions about the life of our city were made that day. Now new buildings, hotels, restaurants were opened. September the 25th has always been an ordinary day for us. A day when we went to work, met with friends and watched the evening program on TV and yet, it was September the 25th that changed our lives here in Kies forever. September 25th, 2015- A Friday like any other Friday...

(Excerpt from a newspaper published by the MMC on 22. December 2015)

The morning when it all started was a cold September morning. Neither I nor anyone who lived in the city had ever expected to see all that happen within just that one month in our very peacful and idyllic town. Up until two weeks ago a very hot and dry summer had lasted, which is why the first cold autumne days were felt very pleasant. At night it had rained heavily the last few days and around 12 o'clock in the morning when the autumne sun had reached its highest point and with a shined with a cold but very bright light on the lively streets and the many colorful houses and shops, which were still wet after the heavy rain beamed the night before, a thick fog rose up the sky so that the houses were almost invisible.

Many of the houses in the town of Kies were built at the end of 19th century. They were maid out of very thick walls out of a dark limestone. This limestone had a particular influence on the neo-Romanesque style of the Victorian era.

Many of the houses in my town are decorated with large, splendid balconies and terraces, which are held by ornate columns and adorned with celigree round arches.

A river runnes through the center of the city. Small bars, restaurants, cafes lay on the bay of this river. You can find at the promenades everything you need for a particularly nice and cozy start of the day or a nice and relaxed end of the day.

There were no indications for that the day should turn out differently than an ordinary Friday. No one behaved abnormally or conspicuously. Everyone hurried to work and those who were to old enjoyed their coffee in one of the bakeries.

The atmosphere changed abruptly when an elixir-red painted Peugeot 2008 SUV with the license plate KK KM 5327 showed up on the main street. Very robust contures, the vertical radiator grille, the rearward-moving windshield, a high belt line and the large sliding glass roof gave the car a striking and powerful appeareance. Around 12:45 p.m., this Peugeot stopped across from the town hall. An indescribable beautiful town hall which I believe is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

As a child and in adolescence, this town hall did not impress me. I could never understand how anyone could decide to work in such a boring and monotonous building. As a very active child, I basically couldn't sit at the table for more than two hours. Understandable, I never believed that at some point I myself would spend most of my everyday life in this town hall. I probably still wouldn't believe it, but sometimes there are turns in life that leave you with no choice but to do what you are afraid most. It was only after all that events of the last few months that I learned to appreciate my city and the history od my community.

Sometimes it is only great lost, that remind us that we have limited time to do what we were meant to do before we leave the earth forever. How Greatful I am in looking back at all of theses shocking and traumatizing experiences. They have fundamentally changed my worldview. I don't wish anyone to have to go even remotely through what I and many of my friends and relatives had go throug. This is essentially the reason why I desceidet to start this project. To go through all the event in my head again exactly three years later and write down everything I can remember.

What has already happened within this city should never happen again. Because even if life sooner or later runs again according to regular channels, scars will remain.

I am not a good writer myself. That's why I asked for help a good Friend of me. María Fernanda for my first big project.

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