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A story of a young, 16 year old teenage girl named Melena Davison. What will happen when her life keeps getting turned upside down? How will she survive? Will she met that someone? Melena POV : All I ever wanted was to find my true self. To be happy to have Something Or someone ... to live for to love And most importantly to trust. And who knows.. maybe one day I will :)

Drama / Romance
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~1 The Best Sister

As I sat back on my bed listening to my drunk mother yelling at her boyfriend about her missing booze, which of course I did, I didn't want her drinking today, or any day in fact. My mom was always drinking. She lost all senses of herself when my father decided to divorce her. I don't blame him, if I was him I would have done the same thing.

I haven't heard from my Dad for almost a year now. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you it doesn't hurt because I'd be lying. I do really miss my Dad. I feel my life would be better with him in it, but, I guess things that you want it life, don't always happened, I signed

and stood up and walked in my bathroom.My bathroom was connected to my bedroom.and no we're not rich. When you have a Dad that's not in your life and he has a guilty conscience, he thinks that sending money will make up for him being absent.

looking in the mirror at myself, I have beautiful greenish grey eyes and long curly dark brown hair, that goes down to the end of my back. I loved the way I looked but I hated the way my life was. I turned on the shower and went to get a towel off the shelf in the corner of my room. I hoped in the shower letting the hot water wash over my body. I had beautiful flawless curses. I had the dream body any typical teenage girl could ask for, but with every beauty, comes a flaw. You could think I have everything in life, hell I think that sometimes but, I let the little things in life get to me.

No i'm not proud of that but that's life.

A knock on the door, pulled me out of my thoughts.

I Turned the water off, dried myself off than, wrapping my self with my towel I walked back into my room.

"Melena open the door" I heard my sister, Harley

I opened the door, she stood there with a tight light purple dress that ended mid thigh.

"Where are you off to?" I asked with my smile on my face

she smiled

" I'm going out with Derek tonight!". Derek is my sister's boyfriend, they've been together for awhile now.

I actually like him compared to the rest of my sister's ex-boyfriends. Derek was a senior while my sister was a junior like me. No we aren't twins sadly, but we do look alike. My sister has the same eye color as me but hers are just a shade lighter. she dyed her hair a dirty blond color about two months ago.

She gave me a full smile and started walking to my closet.

"Where are ya'll going?" I asked as I walked over to my bed, shutting the door ,where my clothes were laid out already.

"I'm not sure. Derek told me it was a surprise." she said as she started going though my shoe boxes.

"what are you doing?" I asked glaring at the back of her head she turned around and started smiling

" I need some shoes to go with this outfit, and sense your the only one in this house who has the best white heels I'm using them." she smirked than, turned back around and started going back though my closet.

i rolled my eyes and started putting on my clothes.

Once I was dressed I walked to my bathroom to get my brush. I walked back to my room while brushing my hair.

"What are you doing today?" Harley asked , she was sitting on my bed now putting on my shoes.

"I have to go Ryan's today, we're having a movie night over at his tonight." I said as a smiled spend across my face.

My sister looked up at me with a smirk.

" Have you told him yet?" she said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"told him what?" I asked, even though I knew where this conversation was headed.

She rolled her eyes with a smile still on her face. " That you like him, duh!"

I busted out laughing, tilting my head " I don't like him, Harley."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, I know you Melena." her smile got bigger.

She put her hands in front of her and made the humping motion as she stuck her tongue out.

I rolled my eyes, and made a nasty face than started laughing,

"Ew" I threw my brush at her.

she busted out laughing, throwing up her hands and stop the brush before it hit her face.

"I'm just joking." she said still sightly laughing.

I knew she wasn't playing though. I rolled my eyes, playfully.

"yeah, whatever." I said as I walked over to my closet and looked in the mirror I decided to wear black shorts, that ended just above my knees with a white crop top, that said 'baby-girl' . I slipped on my all white sandals.

"Why are you staring at me." I said, looking at her thought the mirror.

She shook her head, "I just don't know how someone can look so good dressed like a zebra." she said and busted out laughing.

"Oh shut up." I said,

walking over to her in full speed, I jumped on her with all my weight.

" Ouch! Get off your going to mess up my make up." she said though laughter.

I turned my face to look at her with a smirk

"take it back and I will."

"Okay, Okay I take it back." she said with an eye roll.

I started laughing and got up, putting my hand out, helping her up off the bed.

she stood up and starting strengthening her dress out. And I hugged her

" I love you sissy, and I hope you have a good time." she smiled and hugged me back.

" I love you too." she said smirking

she moved her hand to side where my baby fat was and pinched it hard.

"Ouch" I yelled and fell to the ground

she looked down at me with a smirk "Oops" she said Waring out the p.

"Bitch" I said looking up at her

in seconds we both busted out laughing.

truthfully she's the best sister I could ever asked for.

Hope you guys liked it. I'm new at this so please be patient with me. keep reading this story it is going to be very entertaining ;)

love ya!!

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