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I’m just testing this out, but if you stumble upon this feel free to read if you want. Just know that it has M/M romance, abusive relationships and some sexual violence.

Drama / Romance
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The Beginning, Part 1: A first meeting

Quinn sipped his tea and let his eyes wander. Despite the nice weather, there weren't that many people around. He could see what looked like an old couple walking in the opposite direction to him. A man passed them, talking on the phone while taking long, quick steps. Seemingly in a hurry, he bumped into someone walking their dog. It was a cute, fluffy little thing with a bow around its neck. It looked like a walking marshmallow, and seemed more offended by the collision than its flustered owner. Quinn giggled to himself and took another sip of tea. Everyone was moving. Having somewhere to be, or something to do. He seemed to be the only one standing still. Or rather sitting. The small table in front of him was like a peaceful island in the ever moving flow of the city.

His eyes landed on a guy on the opposite side of the street. Surprisingly, also unmoving. He was standing alone, leaning against the wall behind him with his eyes on his phone. He wore a stylish, white jacket which was left open, showing off the plain shirt underneath. The black fabric was clinging nicely to his well shaped body, making Quinn's gaze linger on the contours of his abs before finally moving on to get a better look at his face. He wasn't disappointed. The guy's features were defined, with a near perfect jawline and an overall bone structure that made his heart beat faster. Needless to say, he was definitely his type; one hundred percent. Or rather, he would probably be anyone's type. He was simply undeniably handsome; with his dark brown hair well styled and framing his face nicely. The sun occasionally made his earrings and eyebrow piercings sparkle.

Suddenly his eyes turned in his direction. Heart skipping a beat, Quinn quickly looked away. Did he notice him staring? Too embarrassed to look back, he picked up his phone and checked the time. There was still quite a while left before Wes would be there. He knew that he had left home way too early, but he simply couldn't stay in that place any longer. The more time he could spend away, the better. Besides, this way he could look at hot guys. Not that he would ever try to talk to any of them, with or without Wes there. Especially not someone like the guy across the street. The likelihood of anyone that attractive being at all interested in him was way too slim; if not nonexistent. Not to mention the chance of him, or any other guy, liking guys in the first place. No, the only way he'd talk to someone like that was if they came up to him first, and something like that would never happen.

"Hey." Quinn looked up and immediately felt his face turn red at the sight of the person in front of his eyes. It was the guy. The guy. Like he’d thought, he must have caught him looking.

"H-hi..." Nervously he fidgeted with the mug of tea. Was he going to shout at him?

"Are you saving this seat for someone?" He blinked. He didn't sound mad?

"Uhm... My friend will be here soon..." he answered hesitantly.

"Can I sit here until then?" Before Quinn could answer, he sat down at the table. His table.

"S-sure." What was happening? Was this real life?

"It's a nice day, don't you think? A lot of beautiful things to look at."

"... Yeah." His heart was beating like crazy. He couldn't believe that this guy was actually sitting in front of him. Talking to him.

"So, then.” Not realizing that he was staring, their eyes met. “Why were you watching me?" Quinn's heart dropped and he felt his face heat up as it turned beet red.

"I... Th-that's... I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For... staring..." Unbelievably embarrassed, he turned his face down. Wanting to hide.

"I don't mind. In fact..." The guy reached out and put a finger under his chin, raising his head to make him look at him. "You can stare all you want. As long as I can do the same."

"Ah..." Completely at a loss for words, he couldn't say anything in response. His mouth remained slightly open until he finally swallowed and gave him a shy nod. He watched the guy smile as he pulled his hand back and silently let it rest on the table; his eyes not leaving his face. Embarrassed, Quinn looked away, but he couldn't keep himself from glancing back after not more than a second. His eyes moved around the features of the person across the small table. He was even more attractive up close. His eyes. His lashes. His lips.

For a long time they just sat there in silence, looking at each other. Taking in the other's appearance. Occasionally their eyes would meet. The first time, Quinn had quickly looked away with an embarrassed smile. The next time, he let out a small, nervous laugh. Soon, they were both smiling at each other, laughing quietly at the strange situation. Eventually the guy finally opened his mouth, flashing a bright smile before speaking.

"You're really cute," he said, gazing at him. Quinn had been starting to calm down, but was immediately just as red as before, blushing brightly.

"Y-you too!" he blurted out. The guy raised his eyebrows and blinked, surprised.

"Hah? I am? I don't think anyone's ever called me cute before..."

"Aah!" Quinn wished the ground would open up and swallow him. "No! I-I meant you're-... You're really, really handsome!" He was so embarrassed, his face was burning.

"Really really?" The guy laughed. "Well, thank you. I'm glad you think so." He stretched his leg out, the short space under the table not being enough to keep him from brushing against him. Quinn jumped at the touch which caused the other person to laugh softly again. "By the way... What's your name?" he asked with a smile.

"I'm... Quinn." Thankful for the change of topic, Quinn shyly brushed some hair behind his ear, trying to calm his heart. He still couldn't believe what was happening.


"Yeah, it's a girl's name, I know. My parents wanted a girl, but they got me... It... It's weird..."

"I don't think it's weird. It's cute. It suits you."

"Ah? Th-thank you." His head was spinning. How could this guy be so nice and so... perfect?

"So, Quinn. What's that you're drinking? Looks like tea?"

"Hm?" The question caught him off guard. "Yeah, it's tea. But I guess it's cold now..."

"How much was it?" The guy pulled out a wallet from his pocket and opened it.

"Uhm... Three euro. Why?"

"Hold your hand out." Confused, he did as told and was handed a ten euro bill.

"Eh? Wh-what's this for?" He stared at the guy who put his wallet away again.

"For your tea."

"B-but they can just reheat..." His words died out as he watched the attractive person in front of him reach across the table, grabbing the tea mug and moving it to his lips. He gazed at him over the rim before putting it down in front of himself.

"It's sweet."

Quinn was too shocked to reply. He didn't even realize that his mouth was stuck open from not finishing his sentence. His mind was blank. After just staring at him for a moment, he finally returned to his senses. Blushing, he let out a weak breath and averted his eyes.

"U-uhm... Th-that... I... Honey..." He could hear the guy laughing.

"Honey, huh. I see." Embarrassed, Quinn glanced back just to see him take another sip.

"Y-yeah... Uhm... B-but... This... This is too much..." He squeezed the note in his hand.

"Hm? It is?" The guy raised his hands and started counting on them. "Three euro for the tea, two for your time today, two for letting me take you out next Friday, and three for your number. What do you say, does that not sound right?"

"I... Wh-what?" Once again, he was left in shock. And again, the guy laughed.

"Did that sound like I think you seem cheap? Sorry. I don't have any change on me, and it's not that much money anyway. But that aside... Are you free Friday?"

"I-I..." Unable to speak properly, Quinn nodded. He must be dreaming. He had to be.

"Then... Will you let me take you out, Quinn?"

"Y-yes!" His heart was beating so fast he thought he'd have a heart attack.

"I'm glad. In that case, so I can contact you, may I also get your number?" The guy pulled out his phone and handed it to him. With trembling fingers, not quite able to believe it was really happening, Quinn typed his number. His own phone went off as the guy gave him a quick call after he handed the phone back. "Thank you. I have to go, but it was a pleasure meeting you, Quinn." He stood up and smiled at him, his teeth showing. "I look forward to Friday." With a wink, he turned to leave.

"Ah!" Quinn reached out and grabbed his hand, stopping him. "U-uhm... Your name?" The guy looked down at his hand holding on to him before turning back, bowing down while raising it, and giving it a soft kiss.

"It's Luis."

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