When the Last Petal Falls

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In 1950 a lonely girl was scared to fall in love. When a new girl moves into the neighborhood and tries to be friends. When one of them gets hanahaki disease, what will happen? Will they fall in love? Will they hate each other?

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When We First Met

When I first moved into a small village called Billport, in Pennsylvania with my Mom I wasn’t exactly excited. As we into onto the street, I could see the little cottage we were going to be living in. It was a cute brown and white house with some flower boxes in front of it. Since I’m more quiet and conserved I was kinda happy that we were moving to a small town where we can start fresh.

My Mom got a new job as a nursery worker which means she normally works late and leaves early in the morning. So I don’t get to see her a lot, besides when I’m cooking her breakfast in the morning. But she normally just grabs the breakfast and runs out the door.

I look at my watch and see that it’s already 6:30 and finish eating breakfast and go wash the plates. When I check my watch again it’s 6:45 I start panicking and go upstairs to get changed. Today I’m wearing a white dress which has red roses on it, which matches my short red curly hair. I quickly brush my teeth, throw on the white flats which are browner now than they were when we first bought them white.

After that, I grab my bag and run out the door where my friend Mikey sitting on the sidewalk. “Come on Rose, you know that your always late. Can’t you just wake up a little earlier.” he scoldes me but I just laugh nervously. “Haha, sorry bout that! Listen man, I’m trying.” I say in reply to him. Alot of people think that we’re a couple but, in reality I only moved here 5 months ago and our parents were friends.

We start walking to school and when we get there and get to our classes, the teacher is their. Probably because he knows that I’m always late but still. It honestly, caught me offgaurd and made me jump a little. “O-Oh! Good Morning Mrs. Jules!” I regret stuttering when she starts yelling at me. “Rosalind Koch, do you need me to call your mother? You are in 11th grade and you're still late to class.”

“N-No Ma’am you don’t need to call my mother, she’s probably busy anyway.” I’m nervous, very nervous. I don’t want her to bother my Mom, my Mom doesn't even get paid well for what she does. Even though she works all day she still tries her best to care about me. I don’t need her working overtime. I let out a sigh of relief when she tells me to go sit back down.

As I get to my 3rd period class all I can do is groan and think today is going so slow when will it end. The teacher walks in with a student that doesn't seem familiar to me. But then I realize, that's the girl that recently moved onto my street right? No, no, that can’t be right. “This is Angelika Mayer, go ahead and introduce yourself,” the teacher says the new student. “Hiya! I’m Angelika Mayer and I hope that we can all be friends”

She acts like a child. It confuses me even more than I already am, how is this girl in 11th grade. “Rosalind would you be kind enough to show our new student around after class. I’ll give you a class pass so you can skip next period.” When the teacher says this, I groan but accept the offer. Only because I don’t feel like going to my next class.

The class goes on and for once I don’t want this class to end. I’m socially awkward so having to show a new student around makes me a little nervous. She never picked me before so why is she doing it now? Is it to get back at me or something? I didn’t do anything to her. The bell goes off and Angelika walks over to my desk. I look at her and she has these beautiful light blue eyes and shiny black hair. I’ll be honest, she does have a sense of fashion. She’s wearing just a plain white t-shirt that’s tucked into her ripped shorts with a belt and black and white checkered Vans.

I look away nervously, grab my bag, and get up. “So! What ya wanna show me first?” She’s so excited that it gives me a headache, it’s just a school there isn’t really anything special about it. “Umm... W-We can go to the 1st floor then work our way up if that's okay?” I say this in a reply but I can’t help but think it came off as rude. But instead of getting made she just replies with “Okay! You lead the way!”

She skips down the halls and holds her school bag in her hands. We get down the stairs and I show her around the halls but for some reason when we got to the cafeteria Angelika asks “So.. this is honestly kinda boring so I have a question for you to answer!” When I respond I can’t help to stutter since I’m not used to talking to people. The only person I ever talk to is Mickey. “Sure, U-Ummm.. what is you have to ask?” Oh god, I sound so stupid. My thoughts are interrupted though. “Well... Wanna be friends?” She asks me.

I’m taken aback because a lot of new people or.. people, in general, don’t want to be friends with me. Normally people tell me and Mikey snarky comments but she’s different. Instead of accepting I say “Umm... sorry but I’m not the best person to be friends with. I-I mean I wouldn’t mind being friends with you but. U-Uhh I don’t talk to many people and.. sorry I’m being an asshole. I’m gonna stop talking. Sorry.”

For a second she looks really confused, she blinks at me a few times but then starts breaking out laughing. I could feel my face go red. I hide my distress and we go upstairs where I finish the tour. I then say “Do you have any questions?” like the idiot I was. If she had any questions she would’ve asked. She proceeds do say “Why are you so awkward? I mean you stutter in almost every sentence. Am I really that intimidating?” But, instead of answering I just say “Haha, i-it’s time to go to lunch!”

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