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I could cut a piece of my life for you, but I know that it still wouldn't be enough. Nothing ever will be. But why can't I just say no? And why do you do this to me? Am I not a human being? You took away the one who I once thought was my companion for life. You've made me into a being who doesn't know what it means to care for herself; someone who only gives, knowing she'll never get anything in return. Someone who will always hurt herself, push herself down, just to lift someone else up even if they don't deserve it from her. I kept on letting him tear my heart up into shreds, turning me into a fool, just because I thought that was the only thing I'd ever deserve from another person. After all, only his feelings ever mattered, right? Mine didn't. But you wouldn't care, would you? You never did. But how much more can I take until I completely break? Please, I'm begging you to just let me go. Unbound me. -/-/-/- If you truly want to achieve something, no matter how little that may be, you have to fight for it. Remember that you are beautiful, and most importantly, you're you and no one can take that away from you unless you let them. I'm Akira Park and this is my story.

Drama / Romance
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Ch. 1 - A Brand New Day



“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ~ William Shakespeare


“Gosh, I’m so excited about school tomorrow!!“, I exclaimed, trying to push away the small feelings of nervousness at the thought of tomorrow being the first day of fifth grade for me. “But first I need to wash my clothes that I want to wear tomorrow.”

As I was in the process of sorting out the clothes that needed to be washed, I heard my mom call me from the living room, making me internally groan in slight annoyance.

“I’m coming!“, I yelled from my room. Well more like our room, since I had to share a room with my parents.

“Yeah mom, what do you want?”

“Go clean the house, my friends are coming over in thirty minutes.”

“But it’s nearly 10:30 p.m., and I have to wash my clothes too for school tomorrow. I have to wake up at six.”

“And? I don’t need my friends to come over and think my house is dirty. So go do your job.“, she said dismissively, walking away right after.

How am I supposed to clean the whole house under half an hour? Oh well, if I don’t get it done in time I’ll just end up getting a two hour lecture on how useless I am, so might as well try my best to get everything done. It’s not like I’m not used to it.

After I rushed to finish cleaning everything, I went back to my room and took a pile of clothes to the bathroom so that I could hand wash all of them, much like I’ve been doing since I was eight.

While washing them, I was thinking about going to school in the morning. It’s not that I’m scared about getting a lot of difficult work, because I actually enjoy studying and learning. But the reason I’m nervous is because of my personality.

I’m a hardcore introvert, wear weird clothes that my mom picks out and forces me to wear, and people at school usually don’t talk to me since I probably seem quite strange. Which is why I try to sit away from everyone because I’m afraid that none of them will like me. The only people I mostly talk to are Grace, Sunshine, Bella, and my bestfriend/cousin, Rose.

Rose is in a grade below me though so it’s hard to catch a glimpse of her in school. Putting them aside, I don’t really talk to guys besides two. Antwone and Brian are the only guys I talk to, and it’s only because we’ve been talking since we were little and because we’re like siblings. I’ve known Antwone since first grade and Brian since third.

I don’t know how any of them like talking to me though because I’m pretty trashy and suck at my communication skills. I already told myself that my entire school experience was going to be lonely, but little did I know that fifth grade was the year that would change me and my life completely.

I fell asleep at twelve, knowing I’d have to wake up six hours later.

In the morning, after skipping breakfast like always, I got on my school bus as it drove off.

In my new classroom, I sat in my assigned seat and was praying to not get any mean kids assigned next to me.

To my right, a guy named Levi sat down and five minutes later, a guy named Mateo Morales too the seat to my left.

I heard a lot of people whispering about him near me, but chose not to partake in any of the gossip. They were saying that he’s supposedly from a rich family and was one of those guys that are always with girls.

But to be honest, it didn’t seem like that to me. He lowkey looked kind of gay and was really fat, so I couldn’t see him as being an elementary school fuckboy.

All that aside, why the hell do I even care? Stop wasting your time on some gay looking mofo, Kiki.

“Um, excuse me?“, Mateo spoke up from beside me. “Why the hell are you staring at me as if you’re going to eat my soul out?”

I blushed really hard out of embarrassment after realizing that I was staring at this guy.

“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice and I was just thinking about something else, I’m really sorry.“, I apologized quickly before putting my head down and covering my face.

I heard snickers from all of my classmates, some of who looked at me like I was the strangest thing in the room.

Great start to the year, Kiki. Just try not to make it look like you have some mental problem.

Shortly after, I picked up my head and let my eyes scan through the rest of the classroom, but they stopped at one specific person with an unusual aura. His name was Liam according to the name tag on his desk, and he was really quiet and seemed quite boring at first glance. But then again, so was I.

He wasn’t talking to anyone and was focused on drawing in his notebook, yet he still managed to catch my eye really quickly. I tried to just ignore him and turn back around, knowing he didn’t seem like the type to like people.

The teacher, Miss. Reneé, walked in and proceeded to talk about rules and what this school year was going to basically be like.

Wow, she’s so pretty though.

A few other students finally joined and I was somewhat relieved and happy because Grace, Sunny, Bella, and Antwone walked in, followed by Brian.

Yes, yes, yes!! I feel so lucky, we’re gonna be in the same classroom this year!

Miss. Reneé continued on with her talking and then made us gather to sit in a circle on the floor, telling us to to introduce ourselves by saying our names, passions, and future dreams.

A lot of kids were pretty basic and predictable with their answers, with the exception of a few people.

Levi was like, “Ayyo, wassup my dudes? My name is Levi but you can call me L, especially the ladies if you know what I mean.”

The guys started laughing and the girls looked like they were going to puke at not only his words, but his wink at the end too. Sadly, he started talking again.

“My hobbies are girls, skateboarding, and I want to be a famous adult film actor when I’m older. You know, those dirty ones haha. I got inspired when I saw my parents watching them in the living room on Christmas Eve.”

The teacher spit out her coffee at this, scolding him for it, but I could tell she was still trying to be nice since today was the first day back to school.

“L-Levi sweety, be careful with what you say or what you are watching at home. I’m a bit concerned, at both you and your parents. Anyways, Mateo, you’re up next.”

“Hi, I’m Mateo, but you guys can call me Mat.“, he said confidently. “My hobbies are video games, listening to Trap Music, and I want to be a professional athlete in the future.”

I couldn’t help but snort and giggle a bit at what this boy said about his career. It’s just that you know, he’s kind of fat and his hair looks like a ninety’s gay kid that ran away ’cause he was being a brat.

Oh my god, Kiki, that’s literally so mean. You need to control your thoughts and learn to be nicer.

“ira?....Akira? Akira!!“, yelled Miss. Reneé, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Y-Yes m’am?“, I asked, clearly startled.

“Doll, I’ve been calling you for a long time, but it seems like you zoned out. It’s your turn, and please try not to zone out again in the middle of speaking.”

“I-I’m sorry, I just..ugh.“, I sighed in frustration at myself. “I can’t even think today. So, my name is Akira. My hobbies are singing, listening to music, dancing, and art. In the future I actually want to become a singer.”

As I finished saying that, I felt someone staring at me. I looked over and surprisingly, it was Mateo.

“Why the hell is this cheeky dude looking at me so intently?“, I thought to myself. He noticed I saw him staring so he quickly turned away.

“Akira, that’s a bright future ahead of you then, and your answer is probably the most different from the other girls in this room. If you work hard, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it happen.“, Miss. Reneé said in a kind tone. “By the way, do you have a nickname as well?”

“Um, yes I do. I-It’s Kiki.“, I stuttered shyly, seeing Mateo smiling at me when he heard that.

Weird dude.

The rest of the day went by fairly smoothly after that introduction ish. It wasn’t nearly as bad as my first day of school usually was every other year in the past, so I was relieved in a way, thinking this year might not be so bad after all.


Author’s Note:

This book will be part of a two book series (The Diabolical Series) unless I decide to make a third one in the future one day, and will be about some very sensitive topics as the main character grows older, but will be filled with many lessons. There will also be many moments of love and laughter incorporated into it, and this isn’t a book I’m writing just for fun. It has a purpose, and I only recommend mature audiences to be reading this. Please show this love, and I can’t wait to let you guys read it!! Love you! - Venus <3

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