Unbound Me

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Ch. 2 - His Presence Distracts Me

"You bring out the parts of me that I didn't know existed." ~ Venus


I was in the kitchen making tea for my mom and dad, and once I was done, I went back to my room and filled out all of the paperwork students would get on the first day of school. My dad was too lazy so he made me do all of it and said he’d just sign where it was needed.

This was nothing new to me though, I’m pretty used to having to do everything for myself alone.

At least they love me right? Or at least that’s what I thought.

The first few days of school went by the same way, and I was still seen as that quiet, fat, and ugly girl. At least I had my friends with me in class though.

But not only did I have my friends, I for some reason had Mateo annoyingly clinging on to me like glue. He always shows up with his goofy ass attitude in order to bother me, and often times I would find him looking at me during class.

Honestly speaking, I was confused at myself because I’m fairly quiet and kind with everyone around me, but being near him just irks something within me. I start running my mouth and yell at the brat, unintentionally being myself around him, but I still hate his ass.

The class was coming back from lunch one day and we all went to the computer lab to do our math program, ST-Math.

“Class, I made a choice and I hope you guys won’t hate me for it.“, Ms. Reneé announced. “You guys are going to have assigned seats in the computer lab from now on.”

The sound of the whole class just sighing could be heard right afterwards.

“Please put me next to one of my friends. Please, Please.“, I thought to myself with my fingers crossed.

She assigned Sunshine, Grace, and Bella all next to each other, making my face drop.

Along with that, she assigned a guy named Grey next to Bella, who just happens to be her crush. Antwone got assigned to his other childhood friend, Juelz.

“Damn.“, I thought. “Everyone is getting so lucky, hopefully I do too.”

“Akira, come over here please.“, Ms. Reneé ordered, pointing to a chair. “Your seat is right here.”

I took short strides before sitting down, hearing someone else sit beside me a minute later. Looking over to them, I just sighed and mentally cursed at myself. It was Mateo.

“Can my life get any more annoying than this?“, I muttered so only I could hear, despising the smirk plastered on the moron’s face.

Oh but it can, my love. And it will.

“Why the hell are you staring at me for dude?“, I asked him.

“No reason, no reason.“, he laughed.

Damn, he scares me sometimes. Such a weirdo, always smiling and being nice to someone like me without any purpose.

The rest of the day went by fairly smoothly, but I was still cringing at the fact that not only is he assigned to sit next to me in our classroom, but also the computer lab.

Oh yeah, we’re assigned near each other in the cafeteria too. He’s practically like a leech stuck to my ass.

Why the hell do I even hate him so much?

A month has passed since school started and I’ve actually been adjusting pretty well with everyone. Except for Mateo of course, but I guess I have been opening up to him a bit more too.

After the bell rings in the morning, we all have to sit in a circle in the back of the classroom to do our morning greetings, it’s kind of like our class routine now. Ms. Reneé created this idea. She chooses a different person everyday to create an easy handshake and then we all do that handshake along with saying good morning to the person we’re sitting next to, and it goes around in a circle.

The catch is that Mateo keeps sitting next to me all the time during the morning circles, instead of sitting with his friends.

“Mateo, why do you keep sitting next to me all the time man? Don’t you have other friends?“, I asked him out loud, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

“I do have many friends but they’re not you.”

My heart skipped a beat at his words.

Wait, ew what the fuck, why’d my heart do that?

They’re not me? What does that mean?

It was awkward during today’s morning circles because I refused to touch him for the handshakes. I of course got judged by his friends as a result, but he just laughed it off, as usual.

I thought to myself, “Why is this guy so hung up on a reject like me?”

We went to our computer labs after lunch, and he sat down next to me, giving me a warm smile, that I tried to but couldn’t return.

“Oh shit.“, I said, facing Ms. Reneé with a troubled look on my face. “I don’t have headphones with me today I forgot them.”

“But you need your headphones for parts of your work online. If you don’t complete those parts then you’ll have to make them up somehow.“, she said before walking away.

Aizen listened into the little conversation between me and the teacher, speaking up after.

“Kiki, you can use mine and we can just share them.”

“No thanks, it’s okay. Wait...who the hell said you could call me Kiki?“, I questioned, feeling flustered.

“I gave myself permission.“, he stated plainly. “Now stay put.”

“Huh?“, I blurted in confusion.

Instead of answering, he just put his headphones on me even though I said no.

“I said I didn’t need them, but thanks anyways.“, I muttered while looking away, trying to act like it didn’t affect me.

He just smiled and went back to what he was doing. Since none of us needed our headphones until the second half of the class, I decided to listen to some music with them.

“What music are you listening to?“, he asked a few minutes into class.

“Um...Bad Blood by Taylor Swift, it came out like two weeks ago.“, I admitted, clearly embarrassed.

“Can I listen?”

I put the headphones on his head and he just looked at me, shocked that I would do that for him myself. But he quickly recomposed himself and started listening to the song.

“Wow dude, this song is lit. Can you please replay it?”

I felt a slight urge in me to be bitchy again and just say no, but I still chose to push the thought aside and oblige.

How does this guy unconsciously have so much control over me, and why am I letting him? He’s straight up invading my personal bubble...but I don’t hate it.

And now I feel like I should be nicer to him. What is this feeling?

When I went home that day, and all I could think about was him, and that pissed me off. I’m not even allowed to be around guys, yet I was here thinking about a guy.

“Why does his presence distract me so much?“, I asked myself.

For the next couple of weeks, that’s how we spent our time together after lunch. I was beginning to act more comfortable around him than I did around anyone else, even my childhood friends.

Every time we made eye contact, he’d give me a funny look and I’d just burst into a fit of giggles. We were always making inappropriate jokes and I found myself actually starting to defend myself and roasting anyone who would try messing with me.

Overtime, I slowly started acting more open and like myself in front of other people. Ever since I started talking with Mateo, I was so much more of a bright and happy person without even noticing.

Before I got the chance to realize it, we became best friends.

I was in the hallway one day, waiting in a line with other students in order to get a drink from the water fountain, and Mateo was in front of me. Suddenly, Levi came up to us and started acting cringey again, like usual.

“Hey my dudes, what’s up with you two love birds today?“, Levi asked, making my eyes widen at the last bit.

Mateo smirked and chuckled to himself a little bit, but then he responded to Levi with, “STFU Levi.“, in a harsh tone.

“What? What does STFU mean?“, Levi questioned in confusion.

“I’m not telling you.“, he said, his voice mocking him.

“Mat, tell me tell me. I want to know.“, I pleaded.

He came over, hovered above my short ass self, and brought his head down to whisper something in my ear, trying not to laugh.

“It means shut the fuck up.”

“Oh.“, I responded, my ten year old self really not amused.

But for some reason the way he was looking at me made me burst into laughter. He joined too and we both walked into the classroom while laughing, not expecting what awaited us.

Levi was talking to the teacher and asking her a question.

Gosh, this dumbass really can’t keep his mouth shut, can he?

“Miss, what does STFU mean? Mat said it and won’t tell me what it means.”

“Mat!!“, Ms. Reneé yelled. "What did you say to Levi?"

"U-Um nothing miss. I have no clue what he's talking about.", he answered from beside me, his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm not stupid, Mat. I know what it means. It means shut the ____ up. Don't say it again or else your parents will be getting a phone call from me. Now sit down with Kiki and be quiet."

"Yes, miss.", he replied, silently sitting down.

I was trying my hardest to hold in my laugh and Mateo glared at me for smiling, clearly embarrassed, but soon he started to smile as well.

We heard Levi snort and both turned to give him an evil look for getting Mateo into trouble.

"You should just not say anything to or in front of Levi next time, you know how he is.", I scolded playfully.

"Yes m'am.", he said, sarcasm dripping from his tone.


Author's Note:

Question- Why do you guys think Akira was always so cold to Mateo and didn't want to accept his kindness towards her? Why did she act so cold to him and seem so confused?

+ Just thought I should let you guys know that from now on, I'll probably only post a chapter once a week, and it will be on Sundays, so no chapters on Wednesdays anymore. I feel bad about it but I have to do this because high school started again this week and I'll be really busy with a bunch of AP/accelerated classes. Hope you understand. - Venus <3

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