Unbound Me

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Ch. 5 - Yearning For You

"Meeting you was fate. Becoming friends with you was my choice. But falling in love with you..I had no control over it." - Unknown


The weekend passed by in the blink of an eye and it was time to go to my new school.

I stepped inside of the unfamiliar building and right away realized that I would have a tough time fitting in. I walked inside the office and was introduced to my new teacher, who just happened to be in there at that time, and noticed that she was pregnant.

Wanting to at least try being positive, I smiled and introduced myself.

"Hi, how are you, Mrs. Wilson? I'm Akira Park, the new student."

"I'm busy.", she snapped with an arrogant attitude, not even bothering to look at me. "Leave me alone."

"O-oh, okay...I'm sorry for bothering you."

Who the hell wanted to impregnate that thing? Rude much? This is gonna be a difficult way to end the year.

The principal guided me to my new classroom since the teacher clearly didn't want anything to do with me.

As I took steps towards the classroom I just knew the atmosphere here was much more different compared to the classrooms I pretty much grew up in. The first thing I saw was two huge dudes fighting each other, and everyone else was really loud in general, yet it was only seven in the morning.

I quietly sat down somewhere a bit far away from everyone and after a little while, someone with a seemingly gentle aura came up to me.

"Hi, I'm Aaron. I heard you're new here. So what's your name?", he asked with a smile, extending his hand towards me for a handshake.

"Hi, I'm Akira. But you can call me Kiki."

"That's cute.", he said quietly.

After he spoke, another guy came up to both of us and introduced himself as Alex. Aaron automatically looked salty.

"Dude, I got here first. Get out of here 'cause she's mine.", Aaron said, pushing away Alex's hand.

"What do you mean I'm yours?", I questioned. "I don't really recall being anyone's property."

"Right hehe, sorry. I'll watch my words next time."

After all of that crap happened the teacher came in and everyone ate breakfast at their desks. I found it really unusual that people at breakfast inside of their classrooms in this school.

Soon enough the teacher surprisingly introduced herself to me and then talked about what they're currently learning in class.

Then she started teaching the class and gave us a task to do. We had to write a paragraph in fifteen minutes about what she read to us, and I was on the last sentence when the timer went off. I was finishing up writing the last two words when I heard a loud voice that made me jump in my seat.

"AKIRA.", Mrs. Wilson yelled.

"Y-yes, Mrs. Wilson? Did I do something?"

"You still have the nerve to ask if you did something?, she asked. "The timer went off and you still kept writing, Akira. Go change your color."

When she said that, the only thing my mind could think of was how stupid this school is.

"It's fifth grade and they still have color charts?", I thought to myself as I went to change my color to yellow. "And I'm getting in trouble for finishing the last two words? Literally what the fuck? Also, isn't today my first day here, how am I supposed to know all of her stupid rules?"

Quietly walking back to my seat with my head down, I saw Aaron looking at me and smiling as if he was saying, "It's okay, don't feel bad because of her."

I felt a little better knowing I wasn't completely alone in this school at least.

About two hours passed by, and when I asked her for some help with math, she bluntly said no and told me to figure it out myself, saying I'll need to get by in the real world on my own.

Then why the hell do you call yourself a teacher for? It's your job to help us understand something when we need help, not make us feel scared about ever speaking up in the future.

Shortly after that, a boy named Jeremy got up to get a tissue and the teacher legit walked into him on purpose before blaming him for pushing into her, when it was really her fault.

"Jeremy, how dare you push into me?!", she roared furiously, her face the color of a tomato. "Don't you see that I'm pregnant? Are you trying to hurt my baby?!"

Jeremy looked both scared and frustrated at her. I mean, to be honest who wouldn't be? But nonetheless he stayed calm and tried to get her to understand that it wasn't his fault.

"B-But Mrs. Wilson, I was watching where I was going and didn't push into you, I didn't meant to at least because no one was in front of me."

"Oh so now you're trying to talk back to me, huh? GO TO THE OFFICE RIGHT THIS INSTANT JEREMY, AND YOUR COLOR IS CHANGE STRAIGHT TO RED. NO BUTS.", she shrieked like some dying witch.

"Dayumm..", I thought to myself. "Is it really just her pregnancy hormones or is she really this much of a bitch in general? And why are her armpits the color of pavement?"

I somehow managed to get by my first day here and then went home.

I took off my shoes, put my backpack down, and then went to freshen up before eating some rice and going to do my homework.

Mrs. Wilson made everyone read for half an hour every night and then write about what we read, which lowkey annoyed me because I hated writing about what I read, like just let me enjoy what I'm reading.

Just like this, two weeks passed by and it was as if I was living the same day over and over again.

Another bad day in school later, I was on my bed and decided to text Sunshine to ask and talk about how things were going, and what she said made me miserable.

She said that everyone is doing fine, but Mateo and Liam? Not so much. Liam acted like he was was fine on my last day there but supposedly it was fake. Ever since I left, he asked either Grace, Bella, or her almost every single day about me. He didn't laugh as much with people anymore and was slowly becoming that quiet person again.

Mateo on the other hand, he was doing worse. Sunny said that ever since I left Mateo didn't talk to most of his friends unlike Liam, and he liked sitting alone more often now. According to her, it also looked like he lost some weight, and it wasn't in a good way.

I didn't know how to react to that. It simply hurt knowing they were both suffering and that I was the cause. That night, I was lying on my bed and just stared at my ceiling while I let my thoughts take over me.

"What is this feeling? I'm dying to see Mat and I miss him so much that it hurts. I've never felt this way before, so just what is he to me? I care about Liam too, but my heart just doesn't react the same way when I look at him.", I whispered to myself.

Soon I felt tears trickling down the sides of my face, and then it hit me.

I'm in love with Mateo. I don't think I even knew what love is before I met him, but I guess I know now because he taught me, whether it was on purpose or not.

I wondered if I should ever tell him about my feelings if I were to see him again one day. But after a lot of thinking, I decided it would be best to keep it to myself and not let him know. He probably just saw me as a sister and nothing more than a best friend anyways, at least that's what I thought was true.

I slowly drifted off to sleep with him being the last thing on my mind.

During art class in school the next day, Aaron and I were hanging out while I was painting a blue rose. I was trying to concentrate on painting but I kept getting distracted by him, because he was staring at me really intensely and smiling like an idiot the whole time.

I finally decided to stop painting for a second and look up at him.

"Aaron, why the hell are you looking at me so much?"

"Because I find you cute, duh."

"Broski back off, imma have to kill you man. I want her so don't even try.", Alex interrupted. "She likes me more."

I started "laughing" hysterically and then quickly changed my face back to a resting bitch face, glaring at both of them. Alex looked startled, but Aaron on the other hand just looked amused.

"Damn girl, you a savage. I like you even more now.", Aaron said jokingly. "You're funny too, I'll make you mine."

"Aaron, don't you think that you're thinking too highly of yourself?", I giggled. "I barely even know the both of you like that yet."

"Yes...but you will soon.", he said while winking at me. "But you're only gonna get to know me, not him."

I saw Alex lean down to Aaron's ear and whisper something to him, probably not realizing that he was loud enough for me to hear him.

"Dude I swear if you try to even touch her I will end your life right here and now.", Alex taunted him.

"Hahaha...did you really think you saying that would make me back out?"

"Alex, Aaron, I can hear the both of you. Now shut up and let me speak."

"Yes m'am.", Aaron chimed, fake saluting me.

"Neither of you are touching me, and if you keep on trying to flirt with me I'll slit both of your throats."

"Oooohhh she a spicy mama too.", Aaron responded, making me shake my head and scoff.

"I don't think I made anything better.", I muttered to myself with a sigh. "These idiots are really something.

Within the next couple of weeks Aaron and I became really close friends and he was like a brother to me, even though he really didn't see me as a sister.

Meanwhile, Alex kept trying to get close but I didn't let him because he was always being a creep in comparison to Aaron. Once I was walking to the swings outside and Alex harshly pushed me before calling me a bitch.

It was shocking at first, but then it became the norm. I guess things like sexual harassment, violence and bullying were common here since I saw it in every hallway I went, and I was too shy and scared to speak up.

Alex would always block my way when I tried walking somewhere, and he'd even pin me against the wall while saying some cringey, perverted bullshit until Aaron came to stop him.

Like chill dude, you're in fifth grade.

Before I knew it, it was the end of May and my birthday had already passed, but I didn't feel like celebrating it without Mat, not that my parents allowed for me to celebrate my birthday anyways.

My heart was yearning to go back to my old school, where I felt safer, more free, and happier. Going to this school was mentally and emotionally draining, and the only good part about it was Aaron. I found myself crying myself to sleep every night, wishing I could be with my other, childhood friends.

"Will I ever see you guys again?"


Author's Note:

I can't wait to write more chapters in the future of Kiki growing up and going through all the things life is preparing to throw at her, and I hope that you guys are excited to read the future chapters as well. What are your thoughts on Aaron? And do you think Mateo feels the same way as Akira does? - Venus <3

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