Was, Is and Will be

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Chapter 2

Was, Is and Will be

Chapter 2

Hope. Memories. The only things a person can hold onto after another’s death. At least that’s what it seemed with my sister. I know it had been the same with me when I lost my parents; it would be the same if my sister died. I mean, she’s the only I have left, the only one can hone on to.

I stared once more at the newly written lines of my journal. I still felt like it wasn’t coming out right. I didn’t know if it was the words or the feeling that something was about to happen. I closed my journal anyways and glanced at the clock. Seeing it was getting late, I decided it was time to eat something.

A week had passed since Hector had died. My sister and I had gone to the funerals and the burial together. I might be 15 but I still wanted to be there if my sister needed me, and she did.

Also, she had been wearing black since she had learned of his death. I could see his death had hit her hard; it showed in her eyes, in her face.

I walked out of my room and downstairs. I entered the kitchen and went straight for the refrigerator. I opened it to find it mostly empty. That’s right, the only thing there were was butter and a plate of some green mossy thing. I closed the door and looked at the table before I walked to it. My sister was asleep at this hour.

I frowned at the small note placed on the table. I took it and brought it closer to read it:

“Bridgess, there’s nothing to eat and I don’t feel like going out. You would be such an angel to go do the groceries for me. Thank you,

Your sister Mary”

I rolled my eyes. An angel, it’s the only thing I had been for the past week. I put the note back. Yeah, “the angel” would go tomorrow to the groceries store to buy some food. That still didn’t help me. I was still hungry. Oh well, I would have to wait for tomorrow. On this, I went upstairs and slid under the covers before I fell asleep.

The next morning nothing could have woken up until I felt the sunlight, hot and warm, had filled the room and fell on my sleeping face. I grunted, I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to stay right here, where I was. But I still pushed the fluffy covers off of me and swung my legs to the side of the bed. I stood up and changed my clothes.

I decided to wear a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt; plain and simple. That’s how I liked it! It was my style and no one would make me change it. I stepped out of my room and went upstairs, put on my shoes and took my house keys. At this time, my sister was working so I had to lock the doors and go get some food.

When I arrived at the grocery store (of course I had locked the door of my house), I went for what I needed, paid for it and went out of the store. There were boys talking to some girls and flirting with them. I rolled my eyes. This was a typical Saturday morning.

I was lost in thought when I heard the noise of screeching tires. I looked up and saw a car run into another one. There was an explosion and a fire. Suddenly, I recognized one of the cars. It was my sister’s.

‘No, this can’t be happening… There’s… No way…!’ I thought to myself.

I saw someone call 911 and the ambulance arrived and… I don’t know how long I stayed there but it felt like forever until I finally came back to my senses and walked back home to bring the groceries home.

Trying to think of something else then the accident I headed towards the door of the kitchen when the phone rang. That stupid phone, the only thing it brings is bad news; at least that’s what it’s been doing so far!

My heart started to race, pounding in my ears, as I went to pick up the phone to answer.

“Hello?” I said.

“Yes. Am I speaking with Bridgess Wakefield?” asked a female voice.

“It’s me. Can I help you?” I said, my voice shaking.

“I was hoping you would… We have your sister, Mary Wakefield…” she started. “We have her at the hospital, she was hurt in an accident…” At this point, I couldn’t say anything; I was shocked. I had been right about my sister being in a car accident.

But now what? I told the woman was coming right away and hung up, not wasting any time. I grabbed my coat and keys and got out. I felt the chilly air of the air of the evening. What time was it? Seven? Eight maybe? No matter! I locked the door and ran to the hospital as fast as I could.

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