Was, Is and Will be

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Chapter 3

Was, Is and Will be

Chapter 3

Life is short. That’s why you have to cherish it most. I hate how fate makes us do what it wants us to be doing and not truly letting us deciding on our own. I didn’t want to see what I had seen! I didn’t want to lose anyone, not now, not ever but life is short. We live to die… and die to live! The horrible thing is that all of that is true… I somehow wished this had never happened… I really wish that!

I stared at the new page of my diary and sighed. I looked up to my sister, lying in her hospital bed. She’d been in this coma state for two days now. She looked awfully pale and skinny. I had a feeling I wouldn’t see her in a while. I was supposed to be sent to a foster home since my sister was in a coma and my parents are both dead. How happy with that do you think I am? Please don’t say I’m happy because that would be a lie. I just wanted my sister to wake up and go back to my normal and boring life but nothing would be normal after this, nothing!

I closed my journal as well as my eyes. My foster parents would come get me at the hospital tomorrow and we would be going to get my things at my house after. Once I would be done, I would go to their house, which is six hours from here by the way.

I fell asleep faster than I would have ever thought I would. I was woken up, the next day, by someone shaking me roughly like a pineapple tree. I grunt and told whoever it was, to leave me alone.

“Wake up!!”

Apparently whoever was shaking me was not going to let me sleep in peace. Oh well, too bad!

I turned and hit the side of the head of the intruder. It’s only after that I realised I had hit someone that I opened my eyes and looked at whom ever was my victim. It was a boy. He sitting on the ground, his hand on his hurt cheek. Our eyes met. He didn’t seem too happy. Actually, he seemed very angry at me.

“I’m sorry… I’m not used to being woken up so rudely!” I said as I passed a hand in my hair.

He stood up and grabbed my arm, dragging me out of my sister’s room.

“Hey!” I started struggling. “Hey!!”

He ignored me and kept dragging me.

“Let me go!! I don’t go with strangers!!! Hey! Stop it!!!” He tightened his grip on my arm, forcing me to walk.

“Didn’t you hear what she said?” said another voice.

“Let me go!! I don’t got with strangers!!! Hey! Stop it!!” I almost screamed.

He only tightened his grip on my arm and forced me to walk.

“Didn’t you hear what she said?” said a voice louder.

The guy stopped. I could feel his anger through my whole body, like his energy was coming through the contact of his hand to my arm. ‘Maybe if I concentrated enough I would be able to free myself from his grasp.’ I thought.

Suddenly, the guy let me go like my arm had burned his hand. There was a laugh. I turned around and found myself staring into two green orbs. I was out of breath. My mind wouldn’t align enough words to make a complete coherent sentence. Damn! I hate when this happens.

I opened my mouth only to close it seconds later with nothing intelligent to say. I looked back behind me to see if the other guy was still there but he was no where to be found. What was that all about?

I turned back to the green eye guy to find him gone as well. WHAT WAS GOING ON HERE? I shook my head furiously but when I opened my eyes, I was back in my chair, placed near my sister’s hospital bed. I glanced at the clock to see the time. Seeing as it was seven in the morning I decided to go wait for my new “family”.

I exhaled air audibly. I was sure I had seen the two boys, they just seemed so…real…

Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t hear the newcomers enter the room nor did I see them.

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