She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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She's sick

My parents are away for two weeks Emily been staying at my house, she’s been sleeping in my bed, and I’ve been sleeping in a different room, the doctor came over, he said she has depression, some days she just lies in my bed, and doesn’t move. I’ve been getting my and her medication and I’ve been sitting right by her every day. My brother walks into my room he has brown hair with hazel highlights of the bottom his hair sort of long, and I am sitting down next to Emily drawing in my sketchbook I was drawing in a 1950 style I was drawing when the doctor came “How is she ?” “She sick” not looking away from my sketchbook, “She is sleeping at the moment” “have you been giving her, medication” “yes”.

Writers note she has been staying there longer than two weeks.

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