She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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Thank you for reading She wear’s a mask and it’s cracking The story was inspired by you know like in films show a porcelain doll effect of someone breaking and it’s always really creepy. I wanted to show you that broken porcelain doll effect but more of a emotional side then a disturbing creepy way. It’s mostly the main reason why I wrote this story, first I wasn’t too sure I should write the story. This story was inspired by a lot of different things.And inspired by the story I went on a school trip learning about homeless people and we went on a tour and. The tour guide was talking about one of the homeless people they found and he had schizophrenia he was about 18 years old and a year later he went back to the homeless shelter who helped him, in a suit and looks very nice and they weren’t too sure who it was and then he thanks them for helping him are year ago and they realized it was the person that they helped one year ago I thought to myself that would make a really good story. Also inspired by it’s song Is Nowhere by Mayday Parade, It was also inspired by a few more other songs as well call Look Red to Blue by Mayday Parade as well and also the song Boys don’t cry by As It Is - The Stigma. Like what I said at the beginning the story was inspired by a lot of things.

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