She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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Day a school

Im walking in the corridor and I looked into a classroom through the little glass window that was on the door and I see a boy with black hair yelling and screaming and flipping tables.

Later on that day

I’m sitting in class and I hear the teacher calling out names to put us in partners, “Emily, you’re with Liam” then I see a boy with black hair walk over to me and sit down in the seat next to me. It was the boy from this morning I realize, he looks at me I could see he hand dark brown eyes, I smile at him and did the work we were assigned too.

Liam Pov
I walk over and sit down next to Emily, I look at her she has blonde hair a average length not to short and blue eyes. She smiles at me, in that moment I realizes she acceptance me, the bell went and we all went out to have morning tea. I look across the schoolyard and I see Emily with a group of friends, I walk over to where Emily was, I wanted to talk to Emily I thought to myself. And a guy in Emily’s friend group he put his arm across from me and looks down at me annoyed but concerned look on his face, he must be Emily’s boyfriend or something “What are you doing ?” he sends Emily turns around and sees me, she looks at the guy and puts her hand on her chest and smiles “Oh don’t worry he’s my friend” the guy looks at her and then looks back at me “oh, alright then”.

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