She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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One of those days in the classroom

Writers note It’s been a few weeks and Emily and Liam became friends.

I’m walking down the corridor at school with Emily “you been here since year 7 and I haven’t seen you once”.

Time skip to this afternoon

Emily Pov
Liam and I decided he should come over to my house to hang out for a bit. We were walking up the ramp to the bridge that goes over the train tracks to the train station. and I see our train arrive at the train station and I grab Liam’s hand and start running to the train station where our train is. “everyone’s going to see your pants !” (Pants mean underwear in England) I hear Liam yell behind me “everyone is going to see my pants anyway” I yell back, we got over to the train station just-in-time and got on our train. We get to my house and walk through the front door and go to my room, I walk into my room and Liam walks in behind me.

Liam Pov
Walk into Emily’s room and see wall to wall is covered in Anime posters. “I like anime, this is how I escape”.

Next day at school

I’m sitting in class I am a few desks behind Emily, well I’m sitting there I see a boy sitting behind Emily and pools out a pair of scissors and slides the two blades of the scissors through one of Emily’s pigtails, he was about to cut, I quickly get out of my seat and grabbed the boys arm and pull it away from Emilys hair, The boy that was about to cut Emily’s hair looks up at me annoyed. then looks back at the teacher and raises his other hand. “Miss, Miss” the teacher turns around and faces us “Liam go back to your seat” I threw the boy arm away from me annoyance and I go back and sit down at my desk. The bell rings and the boy that was going to cut one of Emily’s pigtails off walks up to me and pushes me, “what was that you psycho” Emily slides in between us and pushes the boy “leave him alone Tyler”.

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