She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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We went to the fair

Emily Pvo
I’m sitting in class and I look out the window and I see Liam standing outside the classroom, I smile and look back at the teacher and raise my hand “Miss can I go to the toilet ?“. I go to the girl’s toilets and open a little rectangular window, and stick my head out, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?” I yell “I HAVE A STUDY PERIOD, WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN ME” he yells back. I smile and squeeze out to the rectangular window, and meet Liam in the schoolyard. We went to the fair, I was walking around the fair with Liam and I was eating fairy floss and he was eating a ice cream. “Have you had sex before ?” I look at Liam with shock “What !!” “you heard me” “have you had sex ?” “that’s none of your business” I sigh ... and look at the ground “no,” “I haven’t” Liam looks at me “I’ll have sex with you”. I look at Liam “I want to do it with that I love and care about not with someone I just met” Liam looks at me and smirks, “Fine I’ll make a deal with you, when I’m 25 and I haven’t had sex yet, do it with you” he smiles at me “is that a deal” we smile at each other and shake hands.

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