She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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Nice drawings

Emily Pov
I walk into science class and see Liam drawing “nice drawings” Liam looks up at me “oh there just sketches,” I turnaround and sit down in front of him “sketches my ass” he smirks “you have a pretty nice ass, so they must be sketches then” I roll my eyes.

Time skip this afternoon

I walk into Liams room see some drawings on the wall and a few Marilyn Monroe posters and some other 50s stuffaround, Liam walks in behind me “I like the 50s” there was a big glass sliding door at the back of the room, and in the right side of the corner there was a desk, the ground was concrete but there was a big carpet in the middle of the room on the left side there was a mattress on the ground that was Liam’s bed. I walk over to Liam’s bed and flop on it.

Liam Pov
I see Emily lying in my bed in her school uniform, she rolls over onto her back some of the buttons came undone, we looked into each other’s eyes. I Poundstone on her and start making out with her, I come out of my thoughts. Where standing by the door outside my room I look down at Emily, “Emily you’re like a porcelain doll, your fragile and there’s a demon inside of me and you’re the light in my head”.

In my head

It was all black apart from the demon that was in my head, a ball of light appeared in the darkness in my head the demon started bolting after it, and sees her and stops the demon and turns into a ball of smoke turns into me I roll up into a ball holding my knees, with my head buried in my knees.

Out of my head to now

Emily is looking into me into my eyes “it’s getting late I should be getting home” Emily walks away and went home. Later on that week Emily came over and stayed over for the night, we both slept in my bed we didn’t mind, we’re just friends. I roll over and see Emily in her school uniform fast asleep with her back facing me I wrap my arms around her, this is what it’s like I thought to myself.

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