She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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I think he likes me

Emily Pov
I’m standing outside the classroom waiting for Liam where Liam just had his class, Liam angerly opens the door, he stops standing in the doorway staring at me.

Liam Pov
I angrily open the door I was pissed off at what the teacher said, and then I see Emily I just stood there and stared at her, everything just went to way.

Emily Pov
I was standing with my group of friends at lunchtime, someone told me Liam like me my heart started beating fast and I run to the classroom where Liam just had his class. He’s books were still there I quickly open Liam’s sketchbook and quickly flick through the pages and see all these different drawings of Marilyn Munro in 1950s dresses my eyes widen my heart beating fast. I went to Liam’s house and went to his room, I’m standing in Liam’s room and I’m looking at all the drawings of me with Marilyn Munro hair in 1950s dresses my eyes widen and I remember when I looked at Liam sketchbook and the drawings of Marilyn Munro. I walk out of Liam’s room and close the door, behind me I turned around and see Liam I jump he grabs my arm is fringe was over his eyes I could see how angry he was, he scared me wend he looks like that. “You shouldn’t go into a guys room like that,” he says in a deep intimidating voice.

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