She wear's a mask and it's cracking

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The 50s are here

Writers note I wasn’t sure where to put this but this is what Liam is wearing he had a nice queef and wearing a black leather jacket and jeans.

Liam took me shopping to buy me some 1950s dresses. I open the door and see Liam walking past the fence that is in front of my house, he opens the gate and walks onto the path he stops at the bottom of the stairs and he stairs for a few moments. I was wearing a red with white spots rockabilly dress, “do you have a blue one ?” I rolled my eyes and turn around and walk inside.

Liam Pov
I see Emily in a red 1950s rockabilly dress with white spots standing on the steps with nice wavy curls like Marilyn Munro I was stunned.

In my head

I pinta her against the wall and start making out with her.

Out of my head to now

I come out of my thoughts “Do you have a blue one ?” she rolls her eyes and turns around.

Emily Pov
I was in my room changing “do you have a blue one ?” I hear Liam from the other room “of course I do you bought them for me”. We went to the dance, we were slow dancing I wrap my arms around Liam’s neck and he pools me closer in, I look deeply into his eyes, and Liam looks into my he leans in and kisses me.

Writers note that kiss was only a one-time thing, it was in the moment. The thoughts Liam has about Emily, are sexually driven, he does love her but not in that way like what I said at the beginning.

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