Things Will Get Better

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Don't Go

Megan Pov
Oliver and I are in the kitchen “I’m going to go home and get some stuff” Oliver quickly turns around “What !!,” he says with a worried look on his face “she’ll hurt you,” “it’s Sunday she won’t be there” “at least let me come with you” “you can come if you want”. I was walking down the path heading to my mum’s house “Meg !” I hear behind me “don’t go, she’ll hurt you, don’t go”.

Oliver Pov
I’m sitting on the couch at home worried, I could sense something is wrong I stand up and start walking towards the door “something is wrong” I turnaround point at Lucy “stay here” and walk out the door. I run to Megan’s house, I quickly open the door, Megan’s it’s mum was yelling and screaming at her, I grab Megan’s arm and pull her behind me “DON’T TOUCH HER” she slapped me “IGNORANT BOY” still with Megan terrified behind me “DON’T TALK TO HER THAT WAY” and I turn around and walk towards the door still holding Megan’s hand the tight grip “we’ll get her stuff later” and walk out the door.

Megan Pov
We were a few blocks away from my house and Oliver let’s go of my hand, He turns around gives me a big hug I hug him back “thank you”.

The end

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