Things Will Get Better

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Good Morning

I walk into the bathroom with my grey shirt on and I see Oliver looking at himself in the mirror. “Put some trousers on,” “you put some trousers on” and I walk out of the bathroom. I am in the lounge room looking for my white dress shirt, Oliver was standing behind the ironing board and picks up a white shirt from the washing basket and froze it to me a white shirt “you left it here last time you were here”. I got dressed into my school uniform. I went to the kitchen and made some toast and I pick up a piece of my toast with jam on it and take a bite. And I see Oliver’s little sister eating her breakfast at the kitchen table “what were you doing last night ?” “making a pillow fort” “how old are you ?” “16” “you don’t look 16" “neither does the kid from love actually” and I walk out with my toast and my bag. Oliver and I are walking to school together, I look at Oliver “aren’t you taking your sister to school today ?” “mums taking her to school”.

Writers note I’ve never watched love actually I’ve just been told the actor in love actually who plays the kid in it looks young for his age.

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