Things Will Get Better

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Sorry I'm Late

We hang out at school together.

Oliver Pov
I was standing around with my group of friends and I see Megan, I stare at her for a few moments she comes over to us and I wrap my arm around her she had a big smile on her face.

Time skip Lunchtime

Megan Pov
I am sitting on a bench with my friends watching Oliver play football, Oliver sees me, when he is running around on the field. I walk down the path in front of the school, and go to the hospital. I’m sitting down next to the hospital bed where my dad is. “Hi Dad” and I talk about how school going, and just to have a talk with him.

Time skip last period

Oliver Pov
Im sitting in class and I’m looking at the seat that next to me empty, I was wondering where Megan is, I was getting worried I look out the window and I see Megan walking into school. She walks into the classroom and “sorry I’m late” she handed the teacher a note and walks over to her desk and sits down.

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