Things Will Get Better

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She Hurt You Again

My mum walks into the house and I walking to the hallway, my mum started yelling at me for no reason I am too scared to talk back. “I didn’t” “How dare you speak to me like that” and she starts hitting me. I went outside and I called Oliver. Oliver see me with a big black eye and bruises I start to cry, Oliver hugs me and I hug him back crying

Oliver Pov
it always makes me upset when this happens to her, because I can’t be there to protect her.

Megan Pov
We are walking towards the door to Oliver’s house “what about your mum ?” “she won’t mind, she’s not here” we walk in. “Megan !” we both look over and see Lucy “Hello Lucy”, and went to bed. We are in Oliver’s bed looking at each other. Oliver wriggles over and wraps his arms around me and kisses my head, rests his head on the top of mine. and we full asleep like that. I set down at the kitchen table and see Lucy sitting at the kitchen table. “hello Lucy” “hello” “what happened to your eye ?” “uuuummm I hurt myself with a door” “did your mum hurt you again” “yeah,” I said softly. Oliver and I went to school.

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