Things Will Get Better

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At Least We Have Each Other

Writers note Megan went home.

Oliver Pov
I walk into the lounge room and I see my mum I was angry my mum is hardly here “I’VE BEEN LOOKING AFTER HER SINCE SHE WAS 7, BE HERE EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE BE HERE FOR LUCY, DAD NOT FUCKING HERE” I walk out of the lounge room.

Megan Pov
Oliver holding me in his bed “I wish I could protect you”. I stayed over at Oliver’s place for a few days. “We are walking down the path and we took Lucy to school Oliver looks at Lucy “hold my hand”. We are sitting on the bench together “life is tough for us” I look at Oliver “but at least we have each other”. We walk out of the school, and Lucy runs up to us “Lucy !” Oliver looks up “Mum !?” ” I should be heading off then” Oliver turns around and grabs my hand “don’t go” he looks back at his Mum “Meg can come too if she wants”. And we get in Oliver’s Mom’s car and we all went to Oliver’s house. Oliver and I went for a walk “It’s a sometimes thing, it’s not going happen all the time” he looks at me “how’s your dad ?” “he’s coming around”.

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