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James is a 15-year-old mail prostitute his parents abandoned him when he was a baby, He meets this woman, and he feels like she's like a mother to him.

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James is a 15-year-old mail prostitute his parents abandoned him when he was a baby, He meets this woman, and he feels like she’s like a mother to him.

Writers note
This story is based in England, in Leeds a city in the northern English of Yorkshire.

James Enderson is a 15-year-old mail prostitute, and his parents abandoned him when he was a baby. He sort of has light brown honey coloured hair and he has Blue eyes.

He sort of looks like this ⬇️.

Stanley is James’s best friend and he always looks out for James, he cares very much for James James is like a little brother to him. Stanley is from London he is 25 years old he has light brown hair and greenish blue wish eyes you also works as a male prostitute.

He looks like this ⬇️.

Paige is 27 years old and she has blonde hair average length hair, she cares very much for James, she cares about him like a mother.

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