Turned Against Each Other

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I Am Here

Out of flashback

Valerie and I walking around the street I look over and see a brothel “Even like a time like this we still need prostitutes” I mumble to myself.


I see Valerie walking in her school uniform, and I see a soldier walked up to her and grab her arm she didn’t struggle, she walked off with him.

Valerie Pov
The soldier grabs my arm I didn’t struggle I know what I have to do.

Out of flashback

A few days later

Who is standing on the path and Charles hugs me and starts crying “I’m so scared” I start crying too.

Time skip night time

Charles is sitting in front of the fire reading a book The Outsiders Charles glances over at me “It’s my favorite book” I lean over and looking at the pages in the book when he’s reading Charles looks at me and starts reading out loud, I fell asleep on his shoulder.

A few nights later

I got grabbed by a man with dark skin he a was a soldier I struggled trying to get out of his grasp, “BANG !” the man falls on the ground I see Charles holding his rifle pointing at the man, I run over to Charles and hug him and started to cry “I was so scared”.

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