Dangerous Scandals (The One Series:Book4)

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It's 2007. High school is over, and everyone is now 18 and over. UTurn, the world's hottest pop act, is dominating on both the charts and their tour sells. But just because everyone's on a chart high doesn't mean everything is fine behind the scenes. Controlling managers. Andrew in love with two people. Alyson trying to fight for UTurn's rights. All that on top of Libby's continuous scheming and a college stalker. UTurn is up for a long fight. Will they make it out alive? Will Andrew make a choice? Will Alyson succeed in her battle for UTurn? Or will someone come out of this with a major breakdown? This is the fourth book of The One Series

Drama / Romance
Stacie Evans
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A woman walked through the office halls. She held folders tightly onto her chest. It was something that she worked towards. A battle that needed to be won on her side. She kept her eyes towards a door, reminding her the goal that needed to be met.

Another woman, slightly older than her, opened the door. The young woman eyes the person behind the desk. He looked shocked to see who it was. He probably didn’t expect this to happen. Maybe he even expected her to be alone; but she wasn’t. She was surrounded by both her lawyer and a large group of people.

The young woman walked up to the man, placed down the forms onto his desk.

“We demand to have our contracts terminated immediately.”

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