In the life of Pax

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Follow the life of Pax and his annoying friends Olive and Cali. Learn about possible love interest Gab and don't forget about his crazy family. This story was written by my best friend Madyson about our friend {not to be named.}

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Chapter 1

Alarm buzzing, Max presses snooze one last time.

“Dude turn that alarm off!” insisted Pax.” Shut up, I’m trying to sleep,” exclaimed Max.

20 minutes pass by, time to wake up to the bright yellow sun. Pax roles over to the other side of the bed and he picks up his phone, and stands up all wobbly.

“ Wake up, it’s 7 already.”

“ Leave me be, I’ll get up when I want to get up!” in a deep voice yet softly spoken.

Pax walks into the living room

“morning sweetie.” Paxes mom says.. “mornin mom” Pax said while yawning and stretching out his arms then rubbing his eyes.

“what time did you go to bed?” Amy, his mom asked, “ I don’t even know but Max is still sleeping.” Pax mentions.

“oh really? That’s weird…” Amy said seriously. “ Yeah, probably cuz he didn’t go to sleep on time. He’s so annoying.” pax said.

Slowly he walks to the kitchen to get a bowl of fruit loops, when he realizes that he is about to use the rest of the milk.

Max comes down stairs. “You used all of the milk Pax!” max exclaimed. “ you should have woken up earlier, then you would have been able to have the rest.” Pax said. Beep beep beep,

Pax looks at his phone.

Olive- hey are you busy today?

Cali- working on school but latter i can if yall want to

Olive- ok

Olive- Pax when can you talk?

While Pax was reading through his phone he got another notification that of course he would look at right away and answer.

Gab- good morning, are you awake?

Pax answered

Pax- yea just woke up. Are we talking today?

Gab- sure ;)

Gab- so do you have any other plans today?

“ Pax, come on we don’t have all day. We need to leave.” his dad Peter yelled.

“Hold on, I’m coming! “Pax harried up and grabbed his water and phone.

“oh shoot i need to text her back”

Pax- I’ll talk to you soon, I have to help my dad with the house.”

Gab- ok have fun

Pax- thanks

They were on their way to the house when his phone started blowing up. Beep beep beep beep beep. “ oh my gosh, 9 messages. It better not be Olive.”

Pax checks his phone.

Olive- hello?

Olive- Pax why aren’t you ANSWERING!

Cali- he’s probably just busy

Olive started a facetime call

Olive ended FaceTime call

Olive- can you guys FaceTime?

Cali- I can’t call but I can text

Olive- ok

Olive- so what do you guys want to talk about?

“Oh my gosh,” Pax said annoyed.

Pax- I’m working on the house I’ll talk later

Olive- ok

Cali- ok

Pax, Peter, and Max arrive at the house.

“So what are we working on today dad?” Pax questioned.

“I’m thinking we will start on the floors and then finish up the drywall.” Peter answered

“ok cool.” Pax says.

A few hours went by and they finished replacing the old rotten floors. Before they started working on the drywall they took a lunch break.

“so dad what’s for lunch”

“we’re going to stop at McDonald’s and get some food,” Peter says.

Beep beep.

Gab- hey how’s your day going so far?

Pax- good, about to get some lunch at McDonald’s, yum.

Gab- sounds good. What are you getting there?

Pax- yea it is. I’m getting a number 4, sweet tea {light iced. And two apple pies}

Gab- yum 😋

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