Broken to Extent

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He put his hand on my arm and jerked me forward and leaned close to my face. I had to keep from gagging at the retched stench of beer, heavy on his breath. That's when he did he unexpected. He kissed me. And stupid me kissed back, unaware of the consequences to come.....

Drama / Romance
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Keep still. Don't breathe. Don't move.

I quietly load the next arrow into my bow and slowly move to a one-knee position, keeping my eye on the moose, quietly eating the moss from the tree, completely oblivious to the fact that i'm right behind it...
I pull the arrow back, carefully calculating everything when all of a sudden, the moose looks up and sees something off in the distance, causing it to run.
"Damn it..." I mutter, putting my arrow away and getting up to go find some more game.
I walk along the pretty white path and I try to keep quite among the snow to not scare off close-by game.
After a bit of walking, I catch sight of a herd of deer around a group of trees, eating the bark. I quickly load my arrow and aim it at the male, the meatiest of them all.
I watch as I let the arrow go and it flies, hitting the male directly in his ear, going straight through to the other side and it drops down dead.
The other deer start to run away but i'm faster. I load another arrow and shoot a baby deer and watch happily as it too, falls dead.
I walk over to my prizes, picking up the baby deer with ease but having to drag the male over to my hideout.
"Congrats Sara" Says a familar voice and i turn around quickly, seething.
He holds his hands up in surrender and starts to smirk, which only makes me more mad, remembering what he did to me years ago..
What he did that made me who I was today was stupid and very hurtful..
He made my friend kill herself.
And i'm out here, ready to get the long overdue revenge. So, here's my story...

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