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Taking a step towards loving yourself is so long and hard. And many things setback it. One of the thing was a prank played by my own friends, it was a simple, harmless prank, it wasn't supposed to hurt, not break your heart into pieces, but it did. I don't blame my friends because they didn't do anything wrong, I don't want them to be guilty, so I smiled and laughed along with them, as if nothing was wrong, as if my heart wasn't bleeding. I was always good at faking so it wasn't that hard. ****************************************************** Hello everyone, I'm Arva, and this is my first story, hope y'all like it.

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A Prank? Cool

Hey guys, Arva here, so I came up with something new, it just popped into my mind, and I couldn’t just leave it. So here we are, hope you’ll enjoy reading this....

Disclaimer: Everything you read is just out of my pure imagination, and all the characters are fictional, with none to any resemblance with any person.


A Prank?? Cool...

A prank is something which makes others laugh, an entertainment, harmless one, but at the expense of someone. Have you ever tried to think what the person is feeling? Or will feel after your prank? The one who isn’t going to say anything other than taking it on easily with a smile.

I know many understand what I’m talking about but I’ll tell you something, a story which will explain exactly what the person is feeling.

I’m Ami, this is my experience. I have friends, yes I do, whom I love, and I’ll like to believe that they love me too. Before you think something’s wrong, let me explain, I’m not exactly likable, though many will disagree, not sure how honest they are but yes, I’m not beautiful or attractive by the normal beauty standards, though my life wasn’t exactly horrifying it wasn’t that pleasant either. So I’m not that confident in my own skin, I don’t exactly love myself, I do love myself but not fully, I find myself attractive (sometimes) but I’m conscious because others don’t find me beautiful, hearing tips from EVERYONE on how to make myself more BEAUTIFUL, how I should change myself, did a lot of harm to my self esteem. I know what people think of me, so I know how to behave and adapt.

As I said I have friends, so one of my dearest friends thought to play a prank on me, and almost everyone knew, except me obviously. The prank was simple and harmless, it was a confession letter prank. So my dearest friend Siya, included my best friends in this and as soon as I arrived, they started their plan. My friend Preeti seriously said, “we need to talk”. She is a person who is rarely serious, and I’m the most mature one in our group, so I understood that it must be really important. We went aside, and she handed me a small letter saying that a child gave it to her asking to pass it to me. I was shocked, like why would someone give me a letter, I actually didn’t think it was a confession one, I thought it must be something else, imagine my surprise when she says that it’s a confession one, a guy is interested in me, like ME, hello have u seen ME?? The first thought I had was, “omg either this guy is blind, or it’s a very bad joke”. But I let myself hope, I never got a letter in my life, so as u can guess I was excited and thrilled to open it. Though in my mind there was this prickle that I’m going to get hurt, I pushed it aside.

I share almost everything with my friends, so I showed them this letter too, n I opened it in front of them, they acted PERFECTLY, as if they didn’t know who it was from, oohing and aahing at the correct places, and dissolving into peals of laughter at the cheesy lines. The handwriting was really familiar, though I didn’t connect the dots, and it had information about me which only someone I’m friendly with knew.

So as soon as we finished reading the letter for the third time, my best friend Kira told me that the whole class is looking at us, I turned and saw that what she said was true, but I didn’t mind it much, because seriously when we are in our element, we behave so loud that sometimes everyone’s attention will be on us. And I was giddy from this letter, so don’t blame me for not paying attention.

Then Siya came to us with a smile asking what’s the matter, me being dumb, jumped up at the chance to explain what happened, n she too acted PERFECTLY. She asked me if I knew who this person was, “I said I don’t know, though the handwriting looks familiar”. She and others started thinking of any possible candidates. They kept up this act for 10 more mins, and then when they saw that I clearly fell for it, started laughing madly, I didn’t understand why they are laughing, I was so confused but they managed to tell me that it’s a prank in-between their laughter. I couldn’t see my face but I can imagine how much horror-struck I was, it was as if a bomb was dropped upon me, like I don’t know if you can understand but building up hope and then it suddenly getting crushed isn’t exactly pleasant.

Siya, happy that her prank was successful, went around the class telling others. I really didn’t know what to feel, I laughed at myself like bro u seriously fell for it.... They actually had me where they wanted. I felt humiliated, and ashamed that I fell for it, for actually hoping, when I knew the reality, that me being loved by someone stranger is next to impossible. I laughed along with everyone, even though I felt my heart break into million pieces. It was too good to be true. But hey at least I got a letter....

And I’m happy that no one knew what I felt then, because they would have felt guilty, but thank god that I was always good at faking, “Fake it til you make it” this is my motto.

I hope next time before pranking someone you’ll take their feelings into consideration.


Ok, so how was it?? I apologize for the names, I’m not that creative. Lemme know what u think...

Thank u for reading.

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