Darkness of the daffodil

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Darkness of the daffodil is about a blind 16 year old girl called Lilah who is the narrator of this story and when she is offered a free but risky and expensive surgery to restore her sight, she takes the offer and when she gets home, she realises what sacrifices her parents made for her.

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Chapter three: blind blossom of hope.

So, this is the beginning of my story. As you my or my not know/ remember, I was in a car reck and I suffered brain damage from hitting my head on the dashboard, and on this morning I was called in by my eye doctor, or as I like to call it,” the person who tells me I’m blind again and again”, Doctor Harris reganburg to come in so that I could know something, and I quote “ life altering and nessisery to understand.” I mean, seriously how on gods earth did he come up with that dumb, dramatic sentence!?

Anyway, on the walk there ( because I am deathly afraid of cars) I heard my mother speaking about my schooling for blind kids and

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