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We all have demons some make us cry, some make us fuck to forget, but one thing is certain, they are all made by love, even the murderous ones.

Drama / Fantasy
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hey, i'm trying to tell a horror love story, just for fun and to mix up the genres and play with stereotypes between the lines.

my characters are very very messed up, so just a trigger warning to people that are sensitive to mental health issues and violent imagery and sexual manipulation, then maybe this story might not be appropriate for you right now.

basically what I want to say is that we all have demons. They grow inside us, as we try to navigate and deal with the emotional pain of life. Some of the demons make us cry all of a sudden for no reason and other ones make us fuck strangers, just to forget the pain of the past, but then it is also important to remember that all of our demons have one thing in common. They made out of love, a very very deep beautiful love, and we need to remember even the insidious hateful demons where originally made from love too.

if you hate it please leave a comment, if you love please leave a comment, everyone really wants to hear what you think about these issues, there is no right or wrong, bc if we talk about them we create a safe place to heal and grow, and if we don't talk and .isten to each other then we might lose people who need our love, but who fall through the cracks.

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