Crossed Bloodlines

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The feeling of not being wanted by anyone. The feeling of not being cared for. The feeling of loneliness. Then, she appeared and took away the little that he had and more.

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter I

Water slowly dripped from the faucet. One droplet after another, gave small echoes in the confined bathroom. Beyond its opened door, was a cramped bedroom full of furniture, unused old things ranging from coffers to chairs.

In front of a dusty cracked mirror, a young man, late in his teen years, was arranging his white wrinkled shirt.

“Finally... damned button.” he cursed the one thing that stood in his way that early in the morning. “I’m going to be late again.”

After lifting on his shoulder the trusty backpack, he opened his bedroom door that creaked like in a horror movie; on it was a small nail that held a plate with the name “Gabriel” on it. Said door opened towards a small hallway that led towards the house entrance. He made quick steps towards the door and rushed out of the house, still hoping that he will catch the bus in time.

Inside the house, his parents noticed his hasty departure and shook their heads.

“That boy has no discipline, no goals... will he ever change?” said on a severe tone, Michelle, his mother. She turned her sight towards Frank, her husband that nodded in agreement.

“It’s too late for him, my love. Nothing will change him, unless a miracle occurs.”

“If only...” she sighted.

“Every morning it’s the same. If it’s not the shirt, the door is stuck... fuck, this is irritating.”

Gabriel look down, while catching his breath after the sprint he made to the bus station. The vehicle rumbled slowly making progress to his school.

Minutes later he reached his destination and slowly climbed down the stairs of his ride. “Here we go... let’s continue this week and then another and another...” he thought while walking towards the high school entrance, spacing out at the same time.

Around him, other teenagers were much more energetic, passing by, laughing and making jokes. A random girl turned after passing him and told her friends in a sorry excuse of a subtle voice “I almost touched that weirdo.”

“Ignore him.” one of her friends said and continued on a non-related note. “John said he’s bringing something interesting at school for us to enjoy.”

“Cool, let’s go!”

The small group of teenagers left towards the back exit of the school, talking about their interests for that day.

Gabriel still rested with his shoulder on the nearby wall, angry and sad at the same time. She was his crush and he never had the nerve to approach her in any way, since he was viewed as a strange kid.

“Damn it, Ashley! Not you too...” he clenched his fist, and then looked at the girl that was slowly moving away and let out a small gasp, clearly disappointed. “Why do I even go on with this crap, it’s beyond me.” he again questioned his daily routine.

The day went by as any other day before that: fast and boring at the same time. The bell that signaled that the day was over and the students are free to go home or wherever.

Gabriel slowly walked towards the courtyard exit, when he was pushed from behind, making him almost trip.

“What the heck?” he quickly turned clearly frustrated.

“Ashley told me you got near her, freak.”

Gabriel’s eyes widened. Before him was a tall, buffed blonde dude and not far from his back, sat Ashley. The former knew what’s about to happen.

“So you’re here to teach me a lesson and not get near her again, am I right?” the words spew out with confidence.

The dude let loose a slow gasp and frowned. “I’m not here to beat you, if that’s what were you thinking. Now at least. You see, she’s a dear friend and if she says that you are trouble, I believe her. So make yourself a favor and avoid her, alright?”

Concluding his speech, the blonde slowly tapped Gabriel’s shoulder and turned away, walking alongside Ashley. The former was left speechless.

“I’m not even worth a punch, or a slap? If even bullies tip me off, then it’s clear... something is very wrong with me.”

Rather disappointed about what just happened, Gabriel slowly shook his head and made his way home.

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