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"What happen to her?" "I don't know either" "You guys know what? Just leave me the f*ck alone!" Mellissa scream. She left her friend shocked by her new attitude. Mellissa was known as a friendly friend, and kind girl. Untill one final day everything was turn opposite, Her friends did not know what the reason what happen to her .... neither could herself. What happen? Can she change back to her old self?

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Chapter 1 ( Where it start )

It was quite morning, the clock strike to 5.30 a.m till an alarm goes on.

You sit there with that look on your face like you won~🎶

Like nothing that i say is gonna change how you feel now~🎶

( Strongest - Ina Wroldsen )

"Mellissa! Mellissa wake up your gonna be late again"

"Ughh, okay-okay" but she won't still budge

"Mellissa you better get up or you gonn be late like yesterday"

"Argh, fine fine im up im up" and she drag her lifeless body to get ready.

Mellissa was busy getting her hair done, but its already 6.30 a.m her class starts at 7.

"Mom hurry hurry hurry" her mother put her breakfast.

"Well its not my fault that you were dozing off on the bathtub, i told you to stop play-"

"Gotta go mom , bye love you" Mellissa said rushing out with a piece of bread in her mouth.

"Young lady im not... finish" her mother said but it was to late Mellissa was already gone.

Mellissa POV:

Please God i cant be late again, please there be a bus, please. I prayed

I was hoping , and yes im lucky that the bus is stil there.

I arrive at the door and it was 6.55 a.m there still 5 more minute. Right after that my early friends is already there.

"Morning Mel" she said happily.

"Morning Edz" Edz is my first friend since im first grade.

"Let me guess you were up all night again that is why you are almost late right?"

"Yes, you wouldn't believe me. I was up all night reading this-" i was cut off.

"Morning everyone"

"Morning Ethen" i said and rolled eye at him.

Ethen used to be close to me but after he got rejected by his crush , his attitude change even to his BFF that is me and Edz.

"Don't rolled eye on me , you look ugly"

"I know i know" blah blah blah..whatever, i know he was gonna insult me being ugly disrespect on and on , he already said that yesterday or should i say everyday.

"Are you listening?"he said annoyed

"I-" ringgg~ringgg~ (means the class is starting)

"What?" Ethen said while sits.


"Good morning class" and the study begins.


It was lunch and i can't wait anymore.

"Edz lets go! Hurry im starving" yes i am i just ate 1 bread this morning who could survive that?

"Patients Mel i know, let me arrange my books firts."

"Okay and lets go" she continued.

Skip~ after school.

"Hey Edz wanna hang out tommorrow at my house , we could have a sleepover too."

"Im sorry Mel, but tommorrow i gotta visit my aunt. I promise her i will help with her shop."

"Oh , its okay."

"Hey how about you text me about the new story you were reading."

"Okay!" I said excitedly.

"That my dad, do you want me to drop you off?"

"Nah, its okay besides i gotta stop by somewhere"

"Oh okay, bye then see you on Monday."

"Bye Edz"

"Mellissa you wanna hop on?" Mr Dave said (Edz father)

"No its okay Mr Dave , i gotta be somewhere else."

"If you say so, bye take care of yourself."

"I will" i smile and wave at them.

I was heading to the park where i spent most of my time while waiting for my mother.

Ever since my father died , all that was left was me and my mother. Father used to handle everthing on his company, but now my mother is the new CEO.Which is mean she spent less of time with me, we used to spent time waiting for my father finish his job. But now, i was the only one waiting here for my mother.

"Mommy! Mommy look at daddy, hahahaha." A little girl giggle due to her father making funny faces.

I felt jelouse when i see a perfect family laughing together, theres nothing i could do i only have my mother now. I just wish...hmm.

So i decides to shook that old memory of by continuing reading. The title is BEHIND THOSE SMILE, it was a story about a girl was so grumpy and angry all the time. Her family left her all alone in the orphanage, she was bullied , with no friends and everyone would laugh at her. If she knew that her life is like that she never wish to be born in that, till she met her new family , her smile became wider.

"Hey Alice you look beautiful today, you have a wonderful life you know?. But right now i bet Arron want to meet you, cuz he been waiting to ask you."

"Ask me what"

"Ask y-" i was interrup.

"Well well what do we have here" he smriks.

Oh come on! I just want some peace time!.

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