The cloud above my head.

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No matter she went, everything she touched turned into ashes. She was like a storm, a raging storm, that left everyone wondering "how" Pearl has never had it all, but when she wakes up having it all, what happens?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1-Good for nothing

"Ma believe me l tried my best" she begged her mother to not hit her, she was almost in tears, but the disappointment in her mother's eyes had triumphed. "Then why did you make it; Pearl ?" Her mother asked her youngest daughter , which in eyes never did anything right! " Ma l don't know " she replied looking at her mother, whose fury grew by the minute, "You don't know? What do you mean you don't know ?" Her mother held a long stick with thorns , she had attempted to hit het but not yet " l tried ma" the voice became lower by the minute. But Her mother, Patrience wasn't having it as always , African mothers would never let children speak most of them, and as much Patrience loved her kids the same way, different fathers didn't mean anything but the hurt, she had felt from Pearl's father, Philasande Kunene was what lingered in her mind everytime she saw her, yes she was his seed, but something deeper than that was the cause " All you know you is boys! Up and down!" Her mother stated "Mmh answer me!" She said looking towards her, " Angaz ma" she replied and hesitated for the second time " So you are backchatting " and that was the story of African Mothers who would tell you to reply but then find it disrespectful. She held the stick as she thrashed Pearl's pale skin. Her pale skin shivered as the more it became redder, she cried, "Ngiyaxolisa ma" she opened the door fleeing away, Patrience was that woman who didn't care whether the whole neighbourhood wàs watching as long as she had completed want she wanted to . That's all that mattered. "Aww myeke" the gosipper, Nozindaba from next door would scream, but when Patrience had a task, she compleleted no matter how complexed it was. "Uyeyisa lo"Patrience would say , hitting her until she couldn't come with tears, Pearl didn't want to run out of the gate because it's clear she wasn't going to have a place to sleep that night.

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