Expensive Favours - Favours Series #1

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Because favours are priced... -*-*-*-*-*- ”You have an insatiable desire for trouble Camille Sanders. You’ll never just be satisfied. You’re like me, too wild for the world.” I laugh at the outrageousness. “You’re dramatic I’ll give you that Michael Thompson. But I think I’ll be fine. Satisfaction is never the end anyway.” I smirk as he grins. We clink our glasses and sip the night away. -*-*-*-*-*- After finding out about her father’s other family in New York, where his pockets were deeper than a well, she decides to cause a little havoc to ruin the perfect life he made for himself. New York was going to be her playground and this time she would be the one calling the shots. -*-*-*-*-*- All ideas & names are from my brain. Media is from a place called the Internet. Do NOT copy.

Drama / Romance
Ava Skye
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“Stooopppp! That tickles!” My 5 year old self wriggles under my father’s hold as he rubs his face on my cheek the rough stubble grazing my cheek. “Moooomm!”

I hear the soft laughter from my side and a click of a photograph being taken. Then she swoops in, her raven hair flowing behind her, and scoops me up in her arms. “I got you baby.” I throw out my tongue to Dad who pouts on the couch.

But quickly a grin appears as he starts to chase us around the house until we crash outside on the overgrown grass. Dad’s hands wrapped around mom’s waist as my chubby hands cling around her neck. We laughed and played till the sun went down.

The sun goes down bringing a dark red sky with no moon in sight. Dad stands up then, moving away from us almost mechanically. Mom protests then screams, her shrill voice making me put my hands on my ears. Her voice gets partially blocked but Dad keeps moving. He walks further and further until he stops he turns back to look at us, he has his arm around a woman. He smiles sinfully, satisfied.

The woman has blonde hair and sharp features that I just can’t make out. Her grin is more disturbing and unsettling. Gleaming white teeth shining, as it stretches into a mad Cheshire grin. Maniacal dark eyes, fluttering comical eyelashes and pink blush on puffed cheeks that accommodated her wide smile.


I gasp, waking up immediately, eyes wide open. The tinged dream leaves me quickly as I blink rapidly. My window was as I left it before drifting off. The view had changed though. Like my life was about to.

Instead of soft white clouds, the city below greeted me. Like an intricate map, it took joy in confusing my mind with the new terrain that I had yet to explore.

Picking up the camera on my lap, I snapped a picture before settling it into its case. I wouldn’t be using that until I was comfortable again. And that would take a while. Seeing as I was on a warpath.

Bless the souls who cross my path now. Because I’d either spare no glance or destroy them completely. Revenge will be sweet.

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