Ruby and Mother Earth

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This is the life of Ruby. She was born in 2020 and will live her life through the climate changes we all have been warned about. Read about how she deals with it, and how she fights for happiness and trying to still be optimistic. Will she survive? What will her world look like?

Victoria Temple
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Chapter 1


I was born into a small family in 2020, I had a brother whose name was Sven that was 3 years older than me. My mother worked as a teacher and my dad worked in a bank. My mother called me Ruby because, at a time when people were afraid and insecure, she thought that my birth was a miracle, and it showed hope for the future.

I knew nothing about the world when I was born. The only thing I knew was how to get milk from mom and sleep. I knew how to scream and cry every time I could not get something. I wonder what would happen if I knew how sick the world we lived in was. While I would be sleeping, the TV would be spitting news out about the world. The world was warming up and it would soon be destroyed. Animals were going extinct and there were more people than the world could feed.

On top of that, we had a Coronavirus that kept on coming and going. It made people afraid and it disrupted the life that they all liked. Some were even asking would we have more and more sickness in the future like Corona?

Because of Corona and the Brexit, the economy was now very bad. Businesses were being closed and more and more people were being unemployed. People had less money.

Maybe it was a good thing I did not understand anything as I was being born. I would be told that the world is dying and I would experience it!

Then again, maybe some would tell me that there were good things that were happening. There was a green movement active in the world and people did care. There was less poverty and more and more were being educated. The world was a fairer place and more and more had rights. The point is both good things and bad things were happening.

Life is not that bad. When we are born, we do not need to worry about the world, the economy, or politics. We just slept and ate.


I was one year old.

This was the year that Mom had been infected by the Coronavirus. There had been some vaccines, but the distribution of these vaccines was very political. China did not want our country to have the vaccine they made, as they thought we often criticized them. The Americans had their vaccine, but they wanted to use it on their own people first. So when I needed my mom the most in my life, she was sick with Corona, and I couldn’t be close to her. This is nothing that a 1-year-old could understand

My dad also lost his job because Corona was bad for the economy. This made him worried and upset most of the time. He did not like being home all the time and thought that he would never get work again. The only thing I noticed was that he was often home, and did not want to take care of me.

I went to live with my grandparents because my parents could not take care of me. It was at this time, I started to say some words and play a lot more. My grandparents treated me well, and I do not think that I was old enough to miss my parents.


I was 2 years old.

By now, I was speaking a lot and could understand a lot of things.

I remember that mom was no longer sick, but the sickness still affected her. She often had pains and could forget things. She was very afraid that I would get Corona, so she always wore a mask when she visited me. The good thing was that there was now a vaccine for Corona, so everyone thought things would get back to normal.

Dad still had no work.

I loved living with my grandparents. I would help granny bake and clean the house. She would always praise me and say I was like an angel. I loved it when she would give me a bubble bath. She would always make sure there were so many bubbles. I loved it when she would brush my hair and put different decorations on it.

Grandpa was funny. He was so political. I knew nothing about politics at this stage. I would rather see cartoons. However, Grandpa would stare at the TV, while I sat on his lap. He would shout and discuss things with the TV. I thought this was so funny, as did he not know that the TV could not hear him?

Like once the TV announced that India now had more people than China. India now had 1.4 billion people and their population would continue to grow. Grandpa was upset over this and asked the TV if the Indian people never heard of birth control. He blamed India for all the spam phone calls he had with people trying to scam money from him. Now he was sure there would be more calls!

There was one time when the news lady said that there were constant water shortages and electricity shortages in the South East USA. This was because of climate change and that there was more demand for water. The people that lived there used water in dams and these were now nearly empty. The dams could not even make electricity. Grandpa shouted once again and said that this will lead to unrest and even riots.

I did not understand a word of what the news lady said or grandpa I remember it just made me giggle, as it was funny when he spoke with a TV.

One thing I did understand is that Mom wanted me out of diapers. She mentioned that they were bad for the environment and I was old enough to be potty trained. Grandma thought that I was not ready yet.

Grandma and mom also fought about where I should live. I did not like it when they fought. I did not like it when they threatened each other with courts. I did not understand a lot but it made me cry every time they talked about it.
In the end, I moved back with mom and dad. Mom promised that she would never speak to her parents again.


I was 3 years old.

I lived back with my mom and dad and older brother. Mom was in a good mood, as she thought that her family was back together. Sven was also started at school. This left me home with Dad who has not yet had a job. I was getting sadder and sadder every day as I missed my grandparents.

Dad just watched TV, but he didn’t even speak with it. After weeks of being sad, mom took me to the doctor. The doctor was a young woman that said I had depression. Mom wanted some tablets, but the doctor refused to give her any medicine for me.

Mom was worried and broke her promise never to speak with grandma again. They made a deal that my grandparents would come a few times a week and be with me. This was a compromise that in time made me smile again.

Dad got work at a small bank in a little town by the sea. My parents were so excited about moving here as a small town is the best place to bring up children. We would have plenty of fresh air and we could even grow our own vegetables. My grandparents could still visit me, but they would have to drive an hour more.

The cottage was an old whitewashed cottage, and Sven and I loved it. There was a garden outside and lots of room to play in.

Mom and Dad were happy a few months until they heard there would be a windmill farm being built close to our cottage. Now they knew why the house was so cheap. They joined a group that protested against this. They argued that the value of land would drop and the windmill farm would be noisy. The town was divided as many thought that even our small town had to make sacrifices because of the climate crises. Who could argue against this? The windmill farm was built close to us.

I still liked it when Grandpa watched the TV. I remember once I sat on his lap and there was news about some countries that blocked other countries from getting water because the source of the water was in their country. This mostly happened in developing countries and the UN said there could be wars because some upstream countries are now using their water resources for economic and political leverage over their downstream neighbors. Grandpa got mad at the TV and shouted that people should share.


I was 4 years old.

I was finally out of diapers. I was now a bigger girl and could understand more and more.

The year did not start so well. There were floods in our town. At first, I thought this was strange, that the water kept rising. Even when it came in the cottage and we had water that came up to our ankles. I admit that I was afraid and asked mom if we will all become mermaids. Mom smiled and said that we were lucky. In other towns, the water came so high up, that people were evacuated in boats. I thought it was bad enough at our house, as we had no electricity.

Dad was happy since we moved here. He was happy that he had a new job and mom even got a job as a teacher here. He even accepted the windmill farms. He was not too happy about the floods and said that it meant that our insurance would go up.

Worse was after the flood went and things got back to normal. The government announced it would cost a lot more to have a petrol car, as the government wanted us to but electric cars. Dad did not trust this new technology and thought the government was scaring people with all the “green talk”

I remember that after one of Dad’s rants, he gave me a hug and said that I was lucky that I did not understand what was happening.

I met my first friend. She lived close by and was the same age as me. Her name was Abbie. We were allowed to visit each other a lot and play. Abbie was a happy girl that always made me smile. I wish that she was my sister.

Christmas was always my favorite time of the year. However, this Christmas would be one of the saddest. Grandma died on Christmas eve.


To be continued

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