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When moving to a new town to start her dream of owning her own bakery the last thing 23 year old Faith Miller expected was to get into a car accident that same winter. The person who saved her? Single father Reece Newman, one of the most sought after bachelors in the country. After picking up his son from his parents house, the last thing Reece expected to see was a car smashed into a tree on his way home. What he also didn't expect was for the girl he saved to flip his world upside down.

Drama / Romance
Anna. B 🌻
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(8 months prior)

Faith’s P.O.V

Locking the bakery door, I turned around and made my way across my street to where my car was waiting. It was late at night and the only thing lighting my way was the dim streetlights.

Unlocking my car door, I quickly threw my bag in before sliding in and slamming the door shut. Settling in, I turned on the heat and rubbed my hands together hoping to warm them up before I made my way home.

Today has been a terrible day. The moment I woke up I had a nagging feeling that today wasn’t going to go well and it turns out, my gut feeling was right. After two weeks of waiting for the appliances I ordered for the bakery to come, the delivery man never showed up today due to “complications with the order.”

Sighing, I rubbed my face and leaned down, resting my head on the steering wheel thinking to myself, that’s more time added until you can open your bakery. You’ll be out of your savings before you can even start.

Giving myself another minute or two, I picked up my head, turned on the headlights, and put the car in drive hoping to make it home to the warmth of my apartment as soon as possible.

Turning on the freeway, I became lost in my thoughts about the bakery. I have been planning to open my own since I was ten and my dad brought home one of the premade boxes from the store for us to spend the day baking. Today’s setback was just adding on to everything else. The building was completely run down, but they were the only one willing to take my low offer.

Hearing a honk, I hit my breaks. Shit I thought as the car skidded a bit. Quickly gaining control again I watched as the car continued to fly past other cars while changing lanes. I had no doubt in my mind, with the current conditions of the road, they were going to crash sooner or later.

Seeing my exit come up, I turned on my blinker before switching into the right lane, hitting the brakes slightly on the turn. What I didn’t expect was to hit a patch of black ice and lose complete control of the vehicle; the car skidding to the right.

Grabbing the steering wheel as tightly as I could, I felt my heart beating against my chest as I frantically tried to regain control. Despite my desperate attempts, the car was now moving on its own, hydroplaning to the right before slamming into a tree. The seat belt tightened across my chest causing me to lose my breath. My head slammed into the window causing my vision to blur, the glass shattered and pierced my skin, warm blood dripping down the side of my head.

Making one last attempt to save myself, I moved my arm to reach for my phone that was now laying on the car floor when the pain took over and everything went black.


Reece’s P.O.V

Waving goodbye to my parents, I turned around and buckled Aiden in before checking his seat belt. With the winter weather, I always try to pick Aiden up when it is still bright outside. Today was an exception. The board members had showed up at 4 in the afternoon when I was about to leave and demanded a meeting. Fast forword 5 hours later, and still no agreement on the shares, they put a hold on everything.

Starting the engine, I carefully got out of the parking lot before making my way home. Seeing that the road was mostly empty, I let out a sigh of relief knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I made it home.

Finally making it to the exit, I turned on my blinker and made the turn. Slowing down, I made sure to keep an eye out for any deer that tended to run out at night. What surprised me was, instead of a deer, I saw a car that had crashed into a tree bordering the right side of the road. The moment I saw that, I hit my breaks and parked a good distance away from it.

Turning around, I checked to make sure Aiden was alright. When I saw that he was still fast asleep, I reached into my jacket pocket for my phone and called 911.

Almost immediately I heard, “This is 911, what is your emergency?”

Quickly responding I said, “A car crashed near the entrance of Exit 14.”

“Does it look like there is a person in the car?”

“I’m not sure, I’m parked right behind it and I can’t leave my son in the car by himself to go check.”

“Okay sir, the police and ambulance are on their way. Can you tell me when you hear them?” Sitting in silence, I waited, and after a couple of minutes I said, “I can hear them in the distance.”

“Okay, I’m going to stay on the line until you can see them.”

When I finally did, we ended the call.

Staying in my car, I watched as the ambulance and police car parked and an officer got out and ran towards the car and yelled, “There’s someone inside!” Getting the signal, the EMTs pulled out the gurney and headed to the car.

Before I could comprehend everything that was happening, I saw them pull a female out of the car carefully and immediately put braces around her.

Shocked, I couldn’t help but question how long she had been out here. Before I had the time to let all the scenarios run in my head, a knock on my car window brought me out of my thoughts.

Rolling down the window as little as I could, I asked, “Is there anything you need?”

“We just need to write a report of what you saw when you got here and then you’re free to go.”

Telling the officer what I saw—which wasn’t anything besides the crashed car—he wrote down what I told him and gave me the go-ahead to leave.

Shouting a thanks, I pulled my car into drive and continued making my way home making a mental note to check in on the girl before I headed to work the next day.

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