Finding Myself

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Erica, a 16 year old who is trying to find out who she really is from the inside out has a hard time coming to terms with who she finds herself to be. Not only is it hard for her to accept it but the people surrounding her don’t make it any easier

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: Erica

*Ding Ding Ding D-D-Ding* I flutter my eyes open with the uttmost annoyance picking my phone up. Rubbing my eyes, trying to get my vision to focus on the bright screen of my brand new red IPhone 11 pro. Seeing it is 10:30 a.m. September 12th.

”Today is the day” i think to myself as my phone recognizes my sleepy face and unlocks. Going straight into my messages, I am flooded with 52 happy birthday texts from friends to family. Excitedly I scroll all the way down to the bottom starting from the first person who text me. Hoping that it was my girlfriend Nia. My excitement slowly dies down as I reach the last 3 messages and still none are from Nia. “Tuh, I don’t even know why I expected to have a text from her after the argument we had last night”.

Rolling out of my queen sized bed I get up stretching my arms high in the air rising to my tippy toes letting out a loud yawn, walking to the bathroom that is connected to my room I immediately jump back and burst out laughing at myself. Shit I must have slept pretty good last night, looking into the mirror at my matted messy hair and white slob mark’s trailing from my mouth to my cheek.

Starting my shower to let the water warm up I hear my little sister Aaliyah knocking on my door. “Erica! I know you are up, open the door i can’t wait any longer” she says. What do you want brat?! unlocking the door letting her into my room as I walk back into the bathroom checking the water temp, not even noticing she is still standing in the door way with a gift wrapped box. She stands there quiet so I peak my head around the bathroom door looking over to her. A big smile comes across my face “Aaliyah you didn’t have to do this” scooping her into a big hug and taking the box shaking it lightly teasing. “Open it already!” Her voice getting louder with excitement.

I sit her on my unmade bed seating myself next to her, carefully unwrapping the box. Aaliyah must have became rather impatient with me because she started ripping the paper off and pulled the box out herself. I opened the box and it was a gold half heart necklace that read “big sister,” looking over to thank her she pulled the other half of the heart from inside her shirt and revealed she is already wearing hers. My eyes began to water as my sister immediately wiped my eyes telling me not to cry. Giving her another big hug and thanking her I put it on my vanity. “Promise you will always wear it” she said, “I promise, now let me shower brat.” We both laughed and she left my room sticking her tongue out at me

Before getting in the shower I checked my phone again to see if Nia had text me, still nothing. Rolling my eyes I got in the steamy hot shower walking under my shower head closing my eyes letting the water run all over me. “Hey Alexa, play Do You.” “Now Playing: Do You by Ryan Destiny.” Nia Floods my mind as I sing my favorite verse of the song Rather be with my dawgs, being a dog, just like you rather leave you on read, saying my text won't go through rather die than act like, I don't see how you move You're not the only one that can do you, I can do you too”

After having a concert in the shower until the water got cold I step out wrapping a towel over my drenched hair massaging it so the towel soaks up as much water as possible, walking under my heated light to let my body and hair dry I start to arrange the hair supplies I’m going to need to do my hair. Grabbing my phone ignoring that I have more text messages googling for the hair style I want to rock today. Randomly busting out into a twerk swinging my damp hair around screaming “ONE TIME FOR THE BIRTHDAY BITCH, TWO TIMES FOR THE BIRTHDAY BITCH, THREE TIMES FOR THE BIRTHDAY BITCH, FUCK IT UP IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY BITCHHH” swinging my head wildly while Trap Beckham Birthday Bitch blairs through my Alexa speaker. Almost immediately freezing and putting my hand over my mouth I hear my mom banging on my door screaming “You better not be in there cussing, yeah it’s your birthday but dont forget you only turned 16” Looking around my bathroom quietly to make sure it is safe I bust out laughing.

Putting the final touches to my hair and outfit looking down at my phone, i’ve spent almost 2 hours showering and getting ready it was 1 p.m. My stomach growls alerting me to hurry up and get downstairs, stopping at my door I admire myself in the full length mirror that sits off in the corner. I decided to do criss cross rubber bands on the top of my head that fits into a high curly ponytail with a curly bang falling down each side of my face. My outfit was fairly simple, wearing a gold halter top with black shorts and my brand new gold and black Air Jordan Retro 6’s because I am not the girly type. Twisting my hips looking at my little but enough booty I was satisfied. Grabbing my phone and credit card compliments of my dad and headed downstairs.

Going into the kitchen I spot my mom giving her a ballerina twirl asking how do I look. She over dramatically whistled and called me sexy mama from the movie bring it on. We both burst out into laughter as I sat in a chair by the island counter thanking my mother for the new phone and shoes for the thousandth time. She brought me a special brunch plate with all my favorite foods. Chicken and waffles, eggs, bacon, and you cannot forget the breakfast rolls, with my mouth watering I picked up the drumstick faster than I realized and was already chewing.

Finishing up my food I rinsed my dishes and placed them in the dish washer. As soon as i plopped down on the couch in the living room my dad was calling.. “Hiii daddy” I said dramatically because I am such a daddy’s girl. Hopping off the couch my mom looked confused as I rushed to go open the front door jumping into my fathers arms like I was 5 years old. Aaliyah must have heard his voice too because before I knew it I was squished against his chest with Aaliyah squished on my back. “I can’t breathe” I managed to say as my father put us down.

My mom and dad are cordial, but you could tell my mom was irritated at his unannounced visit. “James” she scoffed as she started up the stairs to her room. My dad laughing it off “Ruby, it’s nice to see you too.. looking just as fine as I can remember.” My mom stopped in her tracks and I could tell she was blushing. She hurried up the stairs to get Aaliyah’s bag calling me to get mines so we can go spend the weekend with our dad. After getting our things I gave my mom a hug and kiss and told her bye, my sister did the same and we got in dads car and pulled off.

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