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How to Love

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Everyone's favorite troublemaker, Corrina Jackson, moved back to small town Timber Wisconsin after ten years. All she wanted to do was have fun and smoke weed, gliding through her delayed senior year without any heavy lifting while indulging in the typical 70s lifestyle she cherished so much. Scott Thomas had other plans for her. Stoner by day, stoner by night, he knew more conspiracy theories than any history facts and skidded through school with barely passable grades, but his mundane life bored him. Until his childhood best friend returned, and all his favorite things became fun again. Never did she expect to learn something practical. Least of all how to love. (Unedited Excerpt)

Drama / Romance
Kailynn Heart
4.5 21 reviews
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Originally, I started working on this story in the beginning of 2020, my quarantine project, and while I edited these first chapters about one to two years ago, they aren't perfect nor have they been since then.

This is an early draft, meaning there's issues whether it be minor ones like a missing word/POV shift or a plot hole, but again, it's only the first seven chapters so it's not complete by any means. If you're looking for a well-polished work, this isn't it, though I can recommend you an array that can suit your needs.

To those I haven't scared off with this, I do hope you enjoy this early work. My hope with having this up is to not only reinvigorate my passion for this but also use this as a time capsule to show my early works, even thinking of posting excerpts of one or two others.

Again, I'm editing this (hopefully) offline, so to those thinking of trashing this, I already know it needs work. I do hope anyone thinking of reading this are entertained by Corrina and the gangs exploits, plus it's fair share of teen angst.

Hope y'all have a great day! Thanks for even clicking on this.

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